Highlights of week 23 of The 70273 Project include:


~ Storms. Lots of storms. Three days’ worth of storms that uprooted trees and flickered our electricity. And what does this have to do with The 70273 Project, you ask? Just wanted to explain in case you think, from my absence in social media, that I’ve packed up and left without leaving a forwarding address.

IOOL1.1CashiersLibraryIn Our Own Language 1:1

IOOL2CloseupFullFront1In Our Own Language 2

Apocrypha1bApocrypha 1

CashiersLibraryExhibit1L to R: In Our Own Language 16 and
In Our Own Language 3

ApocryphaPiecesCashiersLibrarySmaller pieces from the Apocrypha Series

CashiersLibraryExhibit2L to R: In Our Own Language 1, Quilt 1 of The 70273 Project,
and In Our Own Language 2

~ We held a block-making party at our local library in Cashiers, NC with some of the collaborative pieces Nancy and I created as backdrops.

~ Posted our first Monday Meditational Morsel on Facebook – good, positive thoughts to think on as we stitch. The idea comes from MJ Kinman who’s posted some brilliant pieces in the past. If you’d be willing to send a word or a story or a quote or some other kind of short morsel for us to take in and live out one week, please let me know, and I’ll assign you a Monday.

~ Tami Immel Draxler wrote a beautiful blog post about The 70273 Project. When you get a minute, please give it a read and leave her a comment so she’ll know you’ve been by. Thank you, Tami.

~ I’ve now heard from people in 77 different countries.

~ Thanks to envelopes from:


MJ Kinman


Carolyn Katzoff


The Engineer


and a host of Block Makers at The Cashiers Library

we close out the week with 2522 blocks in hand. Think we’ll make Kitty Sorgen’s goal of 3000 blocks in my hands by 9/5/2016? Yeah, I do, too.

As we roll into a new week, thank y’all for being part of The 70273 Project.