I spent week 22 at Camp Arrowmont, learning a new surface design technique. I don’t see me repeating this technique in its entirety, but there are parts of it I will use again. Isn’t that how good teachers teach – watch what I do, listen to why I do it this way, ask me questions about things you don’t understand, do it my way once, then take off in your own direction? Yeah, I think so, too.


To date, I’ve heard from people in 76 different countries. Keep lighting up that map, y’all.

In my absence, I received blocks from Jeffrey Allen-Kantrowitz, Kathleen Evensong, Sue Beermann, and one anonymous maker, bringing our total number of blocks in hand to 2,398. Now remember, Kitty Sorgen set our next goal at 3,000 blocks in my hands by 9/5/2016, so keep stitching, y’all!



Tomorrow The Engineer and I will go to our local library to hang the first solo exhibit ever for Nancy and me, and on Tuesday, 7/19/2016, the library is hosting a block-making party for The 70273 Project. For visitors who might not know, Nancy is my mentally disabled sister-in-law who started making marks in June 2012. She draws, I stitch. Every time we go visit, I bring home a set of drawings, and once i’ve stitched all the drawings in a set, we have a new piece for the In Our Own Language series. In Our Own Language 1, 2, and 3 will be hanging in this exhibit, along with several pieces of the Apocrypha (a single stitched drawing surrounded by black and white) and Communion series (non-representational representations of what it’s like to have a conversation with Nancy). And, of course, Quilt 1 of The 70273 Project (Pieced by Kitty Sorgen and Quilted by MJ Kinman) will be hanging, too.

If you’re in the vicinity of Cashiers, North Carolina, please do stop by between 1 and 4 p.m. to make a block. Or several. I’ll have everything you need: a supply of base blocks and Provenance Forms, along with a plethora of materials – fabric, thread, glue, paint, markers – for making the two red X’s. We’ll have ourselves a big time, I promise.


Tomorrow four bundles of blocks go out for Quilt 2 (to Michelle Banton); Quilt 3 (to Margaret Williams); Quilt 4 (to Caroline Redistill); and Quilt 5 (to MJ Kinman). Stay tuned for updates cause you know I’ll keep you posted, and thank you to all who have offered to piece and/or quilt. Would you like to piece a top and/or quilt a quilt for The 70273 Project? Drop off a comment here on the blog, on Facebook, or, if you’re a subscriber and receive this as an email, mash the reply button and let me know.


Remember how a month or so ago our MJ Kinman posted on our Facebook page about stitching joy into the blocks she’s making? I thought we’d take a cue from MJ and post on our Facebook page, in our Facebook group, and here on the blog a Monday Meditative Morsel  – something good and positive we can focus on as we stitch during the week. If you’d like to be responsible for one or more weeks, please let me know so I can put you on the calendar. Doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or time-consuming – it can be a single word or a quote. You can write a paragraph or two or not, your choice.  The only things I ask are:
1) Let me know so we don’t have duplicates and I can make sure every week is covered.
2) We stay away from religion and politics.
I’ll start by scheduling the next three months, so let me know if you’re interesting and willing.

And with that, I bid y’all a hearty Thank you and big wishes for a marvelous week ahead.