We spent the week at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina with our daughter and my mother. Now my mother might look like she’s sleeping here, but she isn’t. She’s coaxing those arthritic hands into making more blocks for The 70273 Project.


I set up my mobile studio and stitched up some more blocks, too, as we rode from the top of a mountain to the ocean and back.

As of this past Sunday night, I have 1,483 blocks in hand. Laurie Dunn did some math this past week, and she came up with the same answers I got when I did the math: were one person to stitch all the blocks, it would take 193 years. BUT. if 193 folks make a block a day for a year (or the equivalent – doesn’t have to be a block every day, just so long as you come up with 365), 193 people could have the 70,273 blocks completed in one year. Wouldn’t it be something to have all the blocks in hand by next Valentine’s Day – one year from when we launched? If you’re interested and willing to be one of The Mighty 193, let me know. I’m planning on taking a few seats in that tent, just doing the math to decide how many. We need a good name so we can make ourselves a pin or a badge or something. In the meantime, we’re still shooting to meet Kitty’s goal of 2,000 in hand by 7/4, so y’all keep stitching. Or, as Kitty says, Ready, Set, SEW!

The 70273 Project has received some very generous and gracious mentions this week. Do go read about us in Chloe Grice’s beautiful new blog.  And it wasn’t posted this past week, but I can’t remember if I told y’all about it or not, so I’m putting a link to Lori East’s second post about The 70273 Project right here. Lana Phillips, of the Creative Wellness blog, invited me over to pen a guest blog post. Says Lana, “I’m a Southern girl at heart who wants to build a community of people who believe they can change the world with words like “love” and “freedom” when they become more than words, but actions in our work and our daily lives.” So y’all know I felt right at home there. And Rose B. Fischer read it over at Lana’s place then shared the post in its entirety on her blog.

People are mentioning us on their Facebook timeline, tweeting us out, and helping in a bunch of different ways. Each week brings more subscribers, and the blocks keep coming in. The goodness just rains down on us, y’all. Till next week, thank y’all for being a part of The 70273 Project.