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Week 10 comes to a close. Can you believe it? Here’s what marks this week:



~ It was unusually fun opening the mail this week, as I  received an  envelope decorated with fun stickers and great stamps (I’ve been a stamp collector since 1st grade) that made smile. Thank you Margaret Blank.



~ I also received a heavily decorated envelope – and look! a dahlia – won’t be too long till I’m posting The Daily Dahlia for the third year! – from Susan Getchell, Eleanor Macmillan, and Anonymous 6.


~ In the envelope with her yummy blocks, Chloe Grice stuck a handmade envelope, a handwritten letter, and a sea glass heart.


~ Author extraordinaire Susan Clotfelter Jimison stuck a book and handwritten note in with her beautiful blocks.

~ My wonderful attorney crafted a shiny, new Provenance Form that should help us sail through with any book publisher or venue without interruption. Thank you, Chris Arena.

~ I continue to hone and streamline my systems. This week I decided to scan blocks instead of going through the rigamarole of using my phone to take pictures of each block; bought a basting gun that allows me to attach the number in one fell swoop instead of having to stitch the numbers onto each block; and just last night I decided to print the numbers onto a sheet of yardstick paper instead of handwriting each number on a scrap of fabric.

~ Even though we don’t have the first of what will likely be 800+ quilts made, I can’t help myself: I’m already laying down plans for The 70273 Project Bon Voyage Gathering. We are going to have so much fun!

~ I’ve heard from people in 60 countries.

~ And last but not least, drum roll, please: as of tonight, 892 blocks have arrived in 50 envelopes/boxes.

Thank y’all for all you do to move The 70273 Project along. On we Grow!