two red X's made of fabric on while fabric


Writer’s block: gone.
Article: in.

When Barbara Douglas asked me to submit an article to The Quilt Pattern Magazine, I was over the moon honored. When I hit a bad case of writer’s block just before the deadline, I was (and still am) deeply grateful for the patience, understanding, encouragement, and guidance Barbara gifted me. She’s a busy woman who didn’t have time to wait, but she did, and now you can read the article in the September 2018 issue.

TQPM is a beautiful digital periodical, filled to the brim with things that will make you smile and get started trying something new and different, and if you’d like to see it in your inbox every month, we have a special discount code that will save you money on your subscription. Just click here then enter the code 70273 to receive your discount*. Trust me when I say y’all don’t need to dilly dally on this. Do it right now ’cause the article is in the September issue and as you no doubt know, we’re racing towards the end of the month.

Article: check
Discount: check
And at the risk of sounding like an informercial, that’s not all!

Barbara Douglas created a pattern to help you make a paper pieced block. (That’s her block you see there at the beginning of this post.) To get your free pattern, visit her on Craftsy.

Thank you, Barbara, Cindy, and The Quilt Pattern Magazine for giving me the opportunity and the support to write about some behind the project bits I haven’t written or talked much about.


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  • Unfortunately the magazine tells me that the discount cannot be offered in Europe because of VAT. You can still subscribe and receive the magazine, you just don’t get the discount.