the front of Rochester Cathedral


Before the ink dried on the idea called The 70273 Project, Lucy Horner (a friend on Instagram at that time) offered to collect blocks for The 70273 Project at her shop. Little did she know that 2 years later, she would have the proverbial tiger by the tail. Lucy’s infectious enthusiasm coupled with the good hearts and hands of countless people in the Rochester area made for an explosion of interest in commemorating those we honor. And now, at last, these are the quilts created and exhibited in Rochester Cathedral:

Quilt #189
60″ x 96″
Quilted by: Veronica Rees and Suzanne Cooper
Blocks made by: Members of the North Kent Embroiderer’s Guild

Quilt #270
(a Middling)
Made by:
Alayne Fysh

Quilt #271
57.5″ x 93″
Pieced by: Veronica Rees
Quilted by: Sally Dolman
Blocks made by:
Laura King, for Belinda
Rebecca Davison, for My Nan
Victoria Newman, for Becky Love
Stella Cass, for Lucy Horner
Kenneth Fane, for Lucy Horner
Chris Mattocks
Sandra Sparks
Lynn Barnett
Caroline McCarthy
Laura Fisher
Sheilagh Schweitzer
Esther Mattocks
Siobhan Adams
Jessica Schweitzer
Jackie Pugh
Louise Gardner
Linda Franklin
Kim Watkinson
Pauline Martin
Elizabeth Perfect
Linda Allen
Sophie Lane
Louise Simons, for Everyone
Edina Gearing
Linda Brereton

Quilt #272
55.5″ x 90″
Blocks made by:
Gerlinde M. Southey, for Elias Hornyak
Karen Butti, for Dennis Bevan
Janet Dewey
Astrid Dudgeon
Pam Cahill
Theresa Suer
Ann Owen
Gill Jenkins
Fiona Byers, for Rupert Lev Prokofiev
Virginia Joan Spence
Elizabeth Foster
Ursula Middleton
Gillian Bowden
Anne Blanc
Carole Hawkings, for those lost
Ruth Edwards, for all humanity
Ann Fried, for Jacques Fried (died Theresienstadt), Seig Fried (died Buchenwald), and Peter Keen, Down Syndrome
Barbara Blum, for The Blum Family Latvia 1941
Sheila Danson
Diana Pattison
Ann Owen
Gloria Richardson
Mrs. G. Watson
Lesley Barnett
Hadassah Britz
Kurtz, Goodwin, & Preter Families (aged 4 to 74 years)
Maureen Pearlstone
Trudi Sealey
Jemma Ashmore, for Jerry Simon (great grandpa who fought in WW 2)
Ella Osborne-Smith
Sara Taylor
Sophie Taylor
Amie Ashmore, for autistic children who deserved a chance to show how wonderful they would’ve become
Vickie Ashmore, for the deaf blind community which has so much to give
Shared Bawdekar
Shelley Gilbert
Susan Raymond
Marilyn Ross
Kim Minch
Janet Quill
Barbara Anders

Quilt #356
59″ x 91″
Pieced by: Sally Jeal
Quilted by: Beryl Connelly
Blocks made by: Paddock Wood U3A

Quilt #357
Made by Jane Lake

Quilt #358
60″ x 98″
Pieced & Quilted by: Kim Pedley
Blocks made by:
Sandie Foster
Susan Ann Mummery
Pamela Spalding
Hetty Spalding
Janet Brown
Gretta White
Janet Brown
Wendy Black
Linda Abrahams
Joy Eatwell
Mark Willemite
Beverly Johnson, for Joseph Smith
Jane McNamara, for Dora, Peggy, and Mary, the women who taught me to sew
Harrow & Hillingdon Embroiderer’s Guild
North Kent Embroiderer’s Guild
Toni Houbart, Lest we forget
E. Coates, for all those who died

Quilt #359
58.5″ x 95.5″
Pieced and Quilted by: Sally Dolman
Blocks made by:
Cray Valley Golf Club

Quilt #360
59.5″ x 91.5″
Pieced and Quilted by: Frances Dunk
Blocks made by:
Frances Hockley
Ella Padmore
Paula Leitao
Jane Padre
Carolyn Gilmore
Sue Allen
Freya Leitao
Polly Leavers
Angela Herbiest
Enid Viney
Linda Kemp, for Sid and Doris Philips
Magdalena Ganestam
Sue Pay
Josie Dixon
Sarah Crouch
Jill Avey
Pam Gregory
Geraldine Rollings, for all victims of Aktion T4
Janice Mills
Heather Hilder
Sue Boyer
Elizabeth Binns
Sheilagh Dyson
Joanna Astbury, for all who died in the Holocaust and all who survived
Gail Mercer
Evelyn Thomas, for Gisela, whose family perished in the camps and for Gerda, whose father was a camp guard
Elizabeth J. Coomber, for all military police who gave their lives in Afghanistan
Avril O’Brien

Quilt #361
59″ x 93″
Pieced by: Alayne Fysh
Quilted by: Sally Dolman
Blocks made by:
Rachael Clark
Joyce Barwood, for Jimmy Garland, my dad’s brother
Jill Nibloe, for Nanny Bessy, who was evacuated in the war
Veronica Simms, for Sir Leonard Cheshire VC OM DSO DFC RAF
Marianne Tenkate
Sylvia Lawman
Mary Coopr
Mary Jones
Doris Daniels
Pauline Stevens
Sue Whyler
Sue Turner
Jan Dunlop
Yasmin Pocock
Laura Muir
Caroline Strutters
Barbara Barker
Patricia Brown, for victims of violence everywhere
Sue Cripps, for David Bloomfield
Rebecca Kite
Gabby Horner
Rosie Mitchell, for Joan Kelloe
Marion Unthank
Patricia Saward, for all of the victims
Pauline Thorpe

Quilt #362
57″ x 92″
Pieced and Quilted by: Linda Prance
Blocks made by these people at a Block Party hosted by Beverly Bunn:
Sally Jeal
Jane Huckle
Sharon E. Howell
Andre Moir
Denise Bunn
Verity Betts, in memory of all
Lois Higgins
Lesley Barnett
Matthew Howell
Harry Brooks Howell
Anita Jarvis, for Edward Sutton (my dad)
Helen Watmough
Jo Rice
Claire Shove
Shamim a Shreef
Carole Anne Bunn
Lily Howell
Sheilagh Dyson
Ellis Bunn
Tony Bunn, for my grandparents
Beverly Bunn
Joyce Paterson
Annie Rust
Maureen Weston
Frances Hockley
Rebecca Davison
Sue Arnott
Lindsey Relf
John Robinson
Pammie Couchman, for Margaret Hillier
Paula Fry
Dawn Foulger

Quilt #363
58″ x 94″
Pieced and Quilted by: Linda Prance
Blocks made by:
Wendy Brazier, for my baby and loved ones
Sofia Yermo-Moore
Maureen Laycock-Smith
Jenny Hickey, for Michelle Giering
Natalie James
Sarah Jwell
Fong Scott
Lorraine Hartness
Louise Clark
Natasha McCarthy
Catherine Jane Causer
Clare Ryan
Claire Turbot
Imogen Curran, for Albert Twofrey
Emily Brazier, for war heroes
Iris Bamatre
Colette Bamattre
Chloe Bourne
Skylar Marshall
Dr. Caitlin Donovan
Anita Gerzsenyi, for Albert Gerzsenyi, my Granddad
Linda Donovan
Bron Lancaster, for Stanley Green
Zoe Smith, for my great Nan
Lily Shannon, for Big Granny
Jane Stone
Amanda Davies
Barbara Peel
Sarah Howson
Alison Wicka, for family
Kelly Sheehaw
Amelia Howson
Megan Woolnaugh, for everybody who is different and special
Leesa Cameron
Alex Wood, for all  the lost
Lesley Willis, for all  of them
Sian Terrell
Jo terrell
Lisa Girt
Esme Brown
Emily Clark
Debi Hutton
MaryClare Staples
Jean Milton, for June Luchford
Juliet Brown

Quilt #364
58″ x 94″
Made by:
Beryl Connelly

Quilt #365
58.5″ x 96″
Pieced and Quilted by: Louise Back
Blocks made by:
Alan Fysh
Jo Bostock
Angela King
Suzanne Heath
Doris Daniels
Muriel Wills, for a very special friend who would have been on this list
Selfie Clements
Jill Avey
Yvonne Cook
Christopher Stone
Margaret Rayner
Davina Powell
Anne Blanc, for all the victims of Aktion T4
Sheila Blanks
Georgina Armstrong
Jane Snoswell
Nettie Iles
Anita White, for all the Lewis Brothers
Rosaline Darby

Quilt #372
59.5″ x 93″
Pieced and Quilted by: Jane Lake
Blocks made by:
Debbie Blewer
Sally Jeal
Marion Edwards
Audrey Cavalier TEJ
Rebecca Taylor Wright
Susan Blake, for Malaga
Anne Hill
Isobel Jones, for those murdered in the Aktion T4 programme
Lynne Craig
Jean Thomas
Mavis Hallam
Marnie Legg
Therese Boxall, for all Holocaust victims
Hilary Armfield
Victoria Tibias
Hilary Whinray
Gillian Clements, for all those with disabilities who are such an example to us all as they strive to succeed in their lives today
Diana Simpson
Jerushah Jardine
Jennifer Carter
Janice Beech
Su Coleman, for Jayne and Shefali
Janice Taylor
Members of the In Stitches Patchwork Group

quilts swaying gently in the breeze as they hand at Rochester Cathedral

Quilt #373
60″ x 96″
Made by:
Sally Dolman

Quilt #374
71″ x 82.5″
Made by:
Nuxley Quilters

Quilt #375
59″ x 95″
Made by:
Sally Dolman

Quilt #376
59″ x 94.5″
Made by:
Edina Geering and her grandchildren, Abi & Imogene

Quilt #377
62″ x 91″
Pieced and Quilted by: Edina Geering
Blocks made by:
Members of the Sew & Sews
Helen Horobin, for my family and I – Renate Gross – never forget my gentle, much-loved grandfather
Kate Evans, for Selig Wiener and also Aunt Helene Neumann,, her husband, and their teenage son
Sue Draper, for my cousin Titi, who was brutally murdered by the Nazis
Christine Burgess
Susan Carter
Edina Geering

Quilt #378
57.5″ x 93″
Pieced and Quilted by: Edina Geering
Blocks made by:
Members of Dartford Quilters
Dianne Grubert
Pauline Hillsdon
Mavis Mellors
Joan Holborough
Rylan Da Silva Soares
Elizabeth Peters
Kathleen Kidd
Tracey Kindred
Edina Geering

Quilt #379
58.5″ x 106″
Pieced and Quilted by: Edina Geering
Blocks made by:
Sew2gether, for Bernice Friend, who was a friend and past member who died of cancer
Tracey Kindred
Bev Foster
Di Parker
Edina Geering
Elizabeth Perfect
Jane Lake
Janet Rudge
Joy Robinson
Kathie Paling
Kim White
Linda Bremerton
Maddy Murphy
Mags Eames
Lyn Bethany
Sue Burt
Sue Roughley

Quilt #380
46.5″ x 58″
Pieced and Quilted by Sue Mahoney
Blocks made by:
Members of Girl Guiding & Brownies UK

Quilt #381
58″ x 93″
Pieced and Quilted by: Sally Dolman
Blocks made by:
Meopham U3A
Joyce Garland
Enid Viney
Brenda Webb
Jean Masters
Pauline Hillsdon
Caroline Hillsdon
Stephen Perfect
Debbie Blewer
Marian McAra
Hilary Patten
Allison Pruce
Gill Hoare, for all the victims of wars past and present
Tracey Kindred
Linda Bremerton
Valerie Archer
Saudi Price
Frances Dunk
Linda Doyle
Pam Barnaville
Christine Anne Supple, for Chris and Kath Laming
Max Holmes
Stella Davies
Jackie Thompson
Jean Catchpole
Caroline Curnel
Valerie Boswell
Lina Harmer
Elizabeth Perfect
Diane Evans
Pam Barnaville
Christine Caruana
Sandy Collier
Alison Hillman, for friends who have faced more challenges than most
Moira Green
Trude and Steve Wilson
Suzie Taylor
Moira Cubitt
Kevin Pryce
Lou Ratcliffe, for Stephanie and Sally and my mum, Kath Ratcliffe
Wendy Williams
Heather Snelling, in honour of my grandson, Toby Eden, born without right forearm and hand
Anne Nicholson, for all the victims
Linda Hall, for my grandparents
Diana Parker, for Daniel and Finlay
Linda Prance

Quilt #382
58.5″ x 93.5″
Pieced and Quilted by: Chris Burgess
Blocks made by:
Members of Hever and Oakstar Quilters
Rita Drayson
Magdalena Martin
Patel Trisha
J. LaPage
Joanna LaPage
Emily Wise
Jean Loh
Addison Hall
Susie Dakers
Maureen Bone
Becky Sworn
Lesley Ann Whie
Jake Buhl
Nicola Walton
Lucy Dyer
Nicky Gill
Nicola Spratt
Dawn Simmons

Quilt #383
58″ x 94.5″
Pieced and Quilted by: Beryl Connelly
Blocks made by:
Members of the Mid Kent Trefoil Guild
Linda Stonely
Lyndsay Blunt
Hilary Donovan
Pam Bowles
Sue Burbridge
Pam Payne

Quilt #384
34″ x 57″
Made by:
St. John’s Ambulance Fellowship

Quilt #385
a Middling
Made by:
Woolly Women

Quilt #386
a Middling
Made by:
Rose Wise

Quilt #387
82″ x 82″
Made by:
Students and Staff at Waldegrave School

Quilt #388
82″ x 82″
Made by:
Students and Staff at Waldegrave School

Quilt #389
82″ x 82″
Made by:
Students and Staff at Waldegrave School

Quilt #390
82″ x 82″
Made by:
Students and Staff at Waldegrave School

Quilt #391
82″ x 82″
Made by:
Students and Staff at Waldegrave School

Quilt #466
(Pelmet #1)
29.5″ x 136″
Made by:
Jackie Pearce
Emma Perkin
Brenda Varney
The Crafty Sewers
Kathy Rees
Lesley White, for Women’s Transport Service now known as P.R.V.C.
Barbara Bartlett
Dorothy Mason
Celia Donoghue, for all who suffered
Maureen Williams
Sheila Hitches
Inez Robinson
Marcia Allan
Julie Layson, for The Diamond Centre (Riding for the Disabled)
Melanie Ratcliffe, for Barry André Myde
Pat Hume, for Oskar Schindler
Monica Knott
Bees Knees Priory Court
Liz Noble, for Veronica Readman
Joy Anderson, for all the victims
Castle Wall Quilters
Sian Fowler
Jean Jaisingham
Mary Davies
Shirley Challen
Olive Northern
Penny Jenkins
Joan Murphy
Gem Rodberg
Carrel Baldwin
Jeanette Twort
Pat Smith
Carole Vizard
Doreen Gann
Jennie Halke
Doreen Ribbens
Cilla Joyner
Iris Langridge
Sarah Howell

Quilt #467
(Pelmet #2)
29.5″ x 136″
Made by:
Hildenborough Quilting Group
Grace Hughes
Daisy Jackson
Linda Read
Gillian Herring
Rita E. Alavi
Pauline Buchanan, for Henriks Auzins
Kate Gibson
Carol Larmouth
Pam Taylor
Sarah Ralphs, for all the silenced voices
Regina Hill
Sue Thornborough
Janet Flatley
Linda Bremerton
Crafty Ladies
Ann Savage
Joy Scudder
Claire Baldwin
Margaret Scudder
Iona Baldwin
Ann Leggett
Janice Coveney, for the kids in “STREAM”
Jamie Clark
Jean Burnley, for Stanley Richardson
Glynis Ward
Karen Maidment, for Percy Maidment
Lynda Hickford
Maddie Harvey
Rosie Hickford
Joy Read, for Leny Hartloper
Anne Davies
Saturday Stitches
Jo Ashley
Mary Kennedy
Joan Lucas
Patricia Mansfield
Jayne Midgley
Beth Midgley
Nina Palmer
Jackie Ramage
Jacqui Wild
Catherine Stokes
Friendship Quilters
Lesley Rowdon
Julia Pearce
Beatrice Sequeira
Shirley Welsh
Helen Pickett
M Rance
Rosemary Longley
Tricia Paterson
Cheryl Chapman
Rosemary Robusa
sue Hammock
Muriel Edwards
Ann Bowdler
Margaret Munson
Judy Summerfield
Norma Benham
Pauline Trowell
Jackie Holness
Shirley Frankcom, my father – Graham Frankcom, a P.O.W. in Japan 1942-1946
Kaye Barker
Marina Havinden
Linda R. A. Pearce
Lidna Allen
Sue Jones
Maureen P. Stanton
Sandra Bickmore
Terri Shedd
Sue Allen, for Robert Hallett
Kim Crewe
Maureen Wheeler
June Allen and Family
Eunice Denyer

Quilt #468
(Pelmet #3)
29.5″ x 136″
Made by:
Chloe Simpson
Green leaf Road Baptist Church
Ali Baker, for all victims
Janet Knox, for Harry Green, Italy WW 2
Carolyn Bond, for Clare & Darren
Ann Grub
Mrs. B. Goddard
Eleanor Fulton, for Tim Johnson
Anita De La Motte
Joan Brown, for someone unknown
Clare Hockley, those known by God
Janet West, for Madelaine MacDougall and Mary West (my mum and mum-in-law)
Susan Ketteringham, for Calum
Mrs. W. Bell
Mary Stocker
Andrea Draycott
Jean Sale, for Gloria Spring
Valgerdur Erlendsdottir Carter, for Gudmundur Krist Jansson 1902-1944
Dudley & Kingswinford WI
Lesley Neno
Susan Holmes
Mary Hale
Doreen Bond
Skye Boyle
Deborah Clarke, for the wonderful children, young people, and adults that use the facilities provided by the Watershed RDA Group
Canterbury Quilters
Marion Fox
Sylvia Triggs
Liz Melville
Annette Walter
Marianna Drawater

Quilt #469
(Pelmet #4)
29.5″ x 136″
Made by:
Joy Waterhouse, for Poppy
David Tolliday Raschen
Dee Smith
Nick Keys
Caroline Keys, for Arthur Killick
Judi Kirk, for Doris Hancock
Diane Evans
Victor Whiffen, for Brighton School of Samba Man
Lou Ratcliffe, for Kath Ratcliffe, my mum
Wendy Gardner, for my lovely dad at Dunkirk, Bill Busby
Ethan Dale, for all who lost their lives
Liam Dale, for all who lost their lives
Robert Dale, for all who lost their lives
Jenny Brebner, for the fallen and persecuted, fighting for freedom
Rosa Kemp
Shelley Steenhuis, for Petrus Steenhuis
Ann Smith, for Arthur John Rawlings
Mary Glendale
Carol Stacey
Lisa Newton
Joan Powles, for Kirsty
Robin Jones
Sandie Beaton, for Emma Brogan
Denise Harper
Jolanta Klatt
Colin Bowden
Liliana Joy Decicco
Rosemary Decicco
Natalie Sand
Heidi Rogers
Jan Davison
Yvonne Seaworthy
Chris Cornell
Tony Bulford, for Bernie Bulford
Gabrielle Horner, for everyone who has died in action
Linda Evans, for Jennifer Kerbey
Sarah Adkins
Tony Geering
Linda Labbett
Ruth Pepper
Michael Langley, for Bernie Bulford
Amanda Sim
Julie Hogg
Stephen Perfect
Beatrice Reid
Freya Johns
Owen Ryan
Frankie Morris
Gemma Green, for Nannie and Gags
Julie Taylor
Ella Buckley, for Anthony Buckley
Clare Frost, for Edward McCanna
Sharon Willson
Janice McCanna, for Edward McCanna
Oscar Yermo
Sofia Yermo-Moore
Sally Dolman
Stanley Kirk, for all the victims of Aktion T4
Jane Vadersteen
Holly Bulford, for Bernie Bulford
Mary McFadden
Grace Howis
Amy Shaw, for Rosie Staunton
Jasmine Bulford, for Bernie Bulford
Ginni Fryer, for Will Petit
Anne Denham
Carol Meheux
Jenny Green
Regan Purcell
Patricia Whitfield-Hatt
Sandra Pease
Sylvia Francis
Christine Ellmer
Diane Brown
Elaine Allen
Yvonne Seymour
Deana Marshall
Karen Townsend
Mr. R. Mason
Carol Rainbow
Jennifer Viner, for my dad, who was a P.O.W. in Germany
Patricia Thorne
Rhona Redding
Anna Jardine
S. E. Jemmeson
Elizabeth High
Jean G.
Chris Stewart
Tina Stacey
Neil Rajah, for all innocents who died in war
Lisa Rajah
Matthew Rajah,
Beatrice Rajah
Stephanie Harris, for Norman Wynn, my grandad, who fought in WWII and was Dunkirk
Debra Launder, for Del Holloway
Ana Fox
Beryl Fagan, in memory of those who did not survive
David Launder, for Reiss Daniel Morgan
Emma Maclean
Carrie Devonshire
Drew Churchouse
Catherine Philpott
Oast Quilters & QGBI Region 2

Quilt #470
(Pelmet #5)
29.5″ x 136″
Made by:
Vivien Eldred, for George and Ruth Eldred
Ann Hatcher, for Samuel Richards
Duncan Leckie, for Kathleen Merchant (aunt)
Claire Peacock, for my grandmother who nursed in Cardiff in WWII Pierre Gully
Sue Harrison
Louise Harrison
Jemma Wheatley
Emma Avery
Louise Matlock
Elizabeth Birchenhough
Michelle Palles-Clark, for William and Vera Webster, my grandparents and inspiration
Julie Bulpitt, for the people of Guernsey who were invaded by enemy forces and lost their lives
Claire Wells
Winsome Thomas, for Zoe
Sophie Adams, for Dylan Paterson
Susan Robinson
Alison Probee
Haiti Liu
Pam Taylor
Stephanie Morgan
Sarah Middleton
Joanna Moore, for Lucy Cox
Jemma Hicks, for Alfie LeFey (my son who suffers with ADHD and Tourettes)
Hilary Jansen, for Patricia Moore
Tina Watts
Jean DeMennato
Maureen Meakin
Joan Carpenter, for Mum and Dad
Suzanne Lockett, for Mum and Dad
Lisa Lobb
Rosemary Muntus
Hilary Donovan
Patricia Derrett, for my brother Steven
Jacqui Pantlin, for Tilly Pantlin
Sam Barber
Bethan Hopkins, for Florence Korelsky
Emilia Deluca
Precila Armstrong
Sumi Olson, for Freddie Olson, my son aged 9 who has disabilities
Eileen Braham
Clare Wallace, for Ted Lennox
Margaret Wallace, for Edward Lennox
Aileen Davidson
Elizabeth Noble
Sconaid Wastie
Kathleen Monaghan
Sue Bayford
Shirley Rickards
Cora Williams
Lydia Moxham
Lydia McCutcheon
Joanna Toth-Pallos, for all the babies who had no future
Jill Noades, for Shane
Barbara Eastwood
Sandra Weaver, for my grandfather
Sue May, for Standholder (advents)
Melanie Ratcliffe, for all our Paraolympians
Jackie Harkison, for those who died in Hungary
Lesley Machin
Cheryl Philipsz
Agnes Triwiyono
Alistair Basset
Katharine Wright
Sylvia Borrow, for my mother
Nita Bayley
Catherine White
Angela White
Sandy Ribbins, for Winifred Milham of Rochester (grandmother)
Geraldine Stanley, for Georgina Brodie
Louise Tweed, for all those isolated through prejudice
Elizabeth Machell
Jeanette Horn
Robert Kindred
Freya Bookman, for Ernst Brookman
Elizabeth Alcock
Colleen Fullager
Gill Rogers
Lucy Webber
Sue Keep
Sonia Walker
Lynda Hawkes
Karen Kershaw
Andrea Neale
Lorraine Farrow
Janice O’Hara
Fran Allen, for all those who suffered and suffer
Gillian McGrath
Jan Riddler, for Andrew and Jamie – if born in another time, I wouldn’t have the honour of knowing them
Helen Duxbury
Valerie Griffiths
Jennie Rowe
Carina Wells
Arielle Thomas
Beryl Connolly
Ruby Rowe
Tina Hemmise
Anne LeBas, for Bruce Sutton
Vanessa Dean, for Peter Snagge (Daddy)
Faylin Wright, for Athel Simpson
Maria Whiteman
Femi Kujore-Taylor, for Lucy
Betty Shaw, for Lucy Taylor
Carole Merrill
Lynn Pettit
Lisa Keller McKie
Susan Smith
Hannah McKee
Alex Oetzmann, for all servicemen disabled serving our country
Heidi Wilkinson, for Jim
Polly McDonald
Sally Seboa
Ann-Maria Deasy, for Phoebe Deasy
Ann College
Lesley Martin
Loraine Barker, for Reggie Ellis
Patricia Parker, for Alfie Barker
Christina Wright
Emma Stubington
Dee Harris
Jane Moulster
Jo Walker
Patricia Dalal
Karen McColgan, for Malcolm Edward McColgan
David Couling
Anne Couling
Ollie Tindall
Susie Crago
Sara Clark, for everyone who died
Linda Tilling
Joan Restall
Margaret Guina, for Emmeline Pankhurtst
Eve Burns
Stella Maria Fabiane
Tanya Shoop, for Len Shoop (grandfather)
Adzovi Nyanyo, for Oliver
Ella Breakey
Debby Hill
Beverly Bunn
Caroline Ryan
Jessica Antelope Hill
Tanya Shoop
Julie Jolibois
Louise Bailey
Norms Fletcher
Dianne Fletcher
Nancy Palumbo
Fiona Marchant
Jen Tooke-Marchant
Michelle Gillam Hull, for Denise Hull, conscientious objector
Rebecca Paxton, for parents of children who are genetically different or terminally ill
Amy Clough
Kirstie Leach, for Capon Richmond (great, great grandfather)
Angela Bannister
Jolanta Laskova
June Allen
Liz Smith, for all the forgotten
Sue Brown, for the innocent 
Becca Smith, for everyone
Alice Edwards
Penny Edwards
Nicola Winter, for William Gibson Lightbody
Julie Lyason, for all at the Diamond Centre (disabled riding school)
Katie Layson, for all at the Diamond Centre (disabled riding school)
Danielle Andrews
Natalie Stenning
Sue O’Hea, for Carol Hayes
Bridget Marshall, for all the victims of the Holocaust
Clare Keefe, for the 70,273
Jennifer Edmonson
Roban Family
Tessa Wyatt, for John Trevor Bates
Christine Hill
Claire Poulton
Ann Dring, for Steven Dring
Megan Meek
Megan Evans
Kelley Dring, for Steven Dring
Rachel Crane
Mary Jones
Emma Russell, for my Ros
Lyndsay  Dring
Aelitta Holland Taylor
Ethan Holland Taylor
Iorwynne Holland Taylor
Beatrice Curtis
Kara Johnson
Elizabeth Doxey, for everyone affected
Megan Kemp
Linda Attree
Laura, for Helen Kemp
Emma Ferdinand, for Mia-Grace Griffiths
Susan Gobel, for all the darling people who suffered 
Pam Rainsley
Lindsey Sutherland, for Evelyn, who inspired my daughter to sew
Kelsie Hall, for Ian Sterling
Pat Macrae
Rosie Hickford
Lynda Hickford
Jennie Royston
Laura Meek, for Zak Francis and Zoe Stubbs
Esther Clutton, for Susie Hamlin
Joanna Urbanek, for the Urbanek Family in England and Poland
Marianne McAvoy, for my grandmother (I inherited her 1950’s Singer.)
Gabrielle Horner
Louise Back
Lydia Edwards
Sally Jeal

quilts hanging in Rochester Cathedral

Quilt #471
(Pelmet #6)
29.5″ x 136″
Made by:
Betty’s Quilting Group
Sharon Prinsloo
Jill Deets
Barbara Kinder
M. Redman
Yvonne Ebbs
Andrea child
Yvonne Ashwell-Rivens
Iris Freely
Mary Bright
Betty Steward, for all who were so cruelly killed
Pamela Friend
Wendy Evans
Patricia Seagers
Rose Vacher, for those who were murdered in the T4 Programme
Linda Dyer
Janice Archery
Margaret Cudby
Pamela Kurtz
Barbara Woodbury
Wimbleton International Quilters
Lorna Branczik
Barbara Delamore, for Pastor Martin Niemoller
Sue Southward
Jo Coombes, for the suffering of the Jews in WW2
Alison Garrett, for Pauline Baker
Anne Cann
Maggie Barber
Veronique Furse
Susan Hedges
Kirsty Walder
Katie Gibson
Rose Crews
Christabel Wienerman
Rani Mendis
Ginny Stobart
Louisa Lawson
Half Moon Stitchers

Quilt #472
(Pelmet #7)
29.5″ x 136″
Made by:
Diane Thorpe
Joan Barker
Patricia Greenslade
Tomato Evans, for Asano
Margaret Cheesman
Yvonne Burgess
Pauline Moon, for Vera Brattle
Jean Rees, for Percy Brattle
Diane Stiles, for Hazel Jack
Joyce Inge, for Ronald Moon
Dot Mankelow
Pamela Watson, for Thomas Tiunder
Vera M. Godsall
Jackie Hart
Rosemary Atkins
All Saints Toddler Group
Valerie Burton, for all who died in Aktion T4
Julie Shedd
Sabi Westoby
Trina Shedd-Sullivan
Kelley Shedd-Sullivan
Jan Swonnell
Jo Williams, for Lyn Walford, RN
pat harper
Julia Robinson, for Edith Bown
Carole Rogers
Sandy Moriarty
Marion Burton
Deidre Campbell
Adrienne Campbell
Barbara Jackson
Margaret McGuire
Islington U3A Craft Group
Louise Matlock, for my brother Edward, who would not have survived this appalling policy

Quilt #473
(Pelmet #8)
29.5″ x 136″
Made by:

Stella Underhilll, for Albert Thomas Bird, killed in action 1918, France, Duke of Wellington’s Regt.
Elizabeth Utley, for Douglas Bader
Angela Parker, for Clement Parker and Marjorie Parker
Elizabeth Tones
Mary Hanley
St. Michael’s WI
Joan Vesper
Jennie Ellerington
Francia Agostino
Sarah Flynn
Suzanne Paterson
Carol Pearson
Purleigh Sewers
Francesca Titmuss
Helen Parker
Shelagh Pocock
Anne Young
Rachel Crane
Su Colman, for Jayne Knight and Jon Dunnicuff
Sheila Linnell
Traci Maton, for all who fought for freedom and were not recognised
Avril Hill, for those who died
Sue Page, for Winifred Thomas Page
Frant Sewing Group
Janet Brown
Susan Beecroft
Lara Marks
Clare Ryan
Jean Dillon
Bromley Townswomen’s Guild
Shortland’s Quilt Group
Hazel Tyne Sewing Group

Quilt #474
(Pelmet #9)
29.5″ x 136″
Made by:
Rosemary Flood
Carole Mitchell
Elaine Gardner
Gina McManus
Judy McGloin, for George Mennell
Alison Day, for Martin McGloin
Janice Emmett
Pam Brister
Mary Hudson
Cherry Stewart, for those who suffered due to the Aktion T4 Programme
Audrey Jeffery
Michelle Jeffery
Sarah Jeffery
Shamim a Shreef
Rosaline Darby
Anita White
Joan Fisher
Laura Fisher
Pauline Chitekeshe
Flora Nyahuma
Tecla Chiutsi
Bethan Adams
Niamh Rogan-Hill, for our family in Heaven
Catherine Jane Casuer
Esther Welsh
Jenny Andrews
Jean Howie
Tina Watts, for Morale Family and Andrea Marks Family
Siobhan Adams
Megan Couchmai
Cathy Kinnon
Wendy Williams
Sue Roughly
Anne Stott
Ann Frid
Kim Vale
Dartford Science & Technology College

Quilt #475
62″ x 71″
Made by:
Elizabeth Perfect, in memory of Stephen Perfect

Quilt #476
58.5″ x 95″
Pieced by: Alayne Fysh
Quilted by: Edina Geering
Blocks made by:
Paddock Wood Primary School

Quilt #477
59″ x 94″
Made by:
Shirley Rickards
Kayleigh Coulson
Jackie Williams
Sheila Turner
Kathryn Greig
May Holloway, for Del Holloway
Consults Care & Nursing
Kathy Ledger, for my son James who has a learning disability and all the children and adults I know who have learning disabilities
Sarah Hibbert, for Frank Overton
Jean Carter
Robert John Drew, for deaf people
Margaret Hanley, for deaf people and those with disabilities
Linda Sharman, for Kevin Parker
Valerie Crowley, for everyone who strives to ensure it never happens again
Christine Thorne
Elizabeth Evans
Liz Abbott
Crowborough Vale WI – Members, Friends, & Family

Quilt #478
59.5″ x 95″
Made by:
Members of the Cathedral Embroiderers
Jane Smith
Josie Wright, for Joseph Agnew
Susan Burlace
Margaret Pearce
Olga Garner
Julie Best
Sally Jeal

Quilt #479
58″ x 94.5″
Made by:
Meopham U3A

Quilt #480
66″ x 54″
Made by:
Connaught Girls School
Polina Solakchieva
Ski Piyasena
Hajira Asif
Sumaiyah Adnana Saddique
Leila Winston
Paris Anderson
Rumaysa Rehman
Nimrah Hussain
Maleeha Karim
Hafsa Noor
Jena Yude
Laila Malik
Umm Hussain
Humeyra Cicek
Allya Auzine
Rodhiyat Ibrahim
Fatima Azimi
Aamna Malik
Laila Ali
Benedict Luyindula
Lyna Mezghiche
Noor Butt
Baylee Smith-Flugal
Zainab Hussain
Alice Asenova
Harsh Ashfaq
Victoria Robertson
Hibbah Ashgar
Sosa Rizwan
Mya Skeete
Ying Chen
Area Ghorab
Samah Alam
Lu’lu Hameed
Ayman Sadiq
Sana Kayani
Samira Khanom
Tahmima Begum
Zainab Abukar
Jessica Perry
Zainab Asif
Natalia Neidzwiecka
Varshga Premarasa
Essa Nadeem
Isla Hussain
Tina Lu
Hannah Matthews
Talia Pithers
Safeena Ahmen
Zarah Nazir
Zainab Waqar
Zaina Rehman
Labila Qureshi
Hera Sandhu
Nabiha Asim Ashraf
Fordons Eldow
Albina Giani
Ania Ajaz
Jahnia Carnegie
Seven Kaplan
Amina Benzene
Amaarah Bhana
Renae Duval
Maryam Hussain
Amira Labbaci
Aliya Nahim
Salma Kayani Alaoui
Ruqayya Mussadiq

Quilt #484
(Pelmet #10)
29.5″ x 136″
Made by:
Marlene Cohen
Mary Kilburn, for my daughter Fae, who considering what she has to deal with, shows amazing strength of character
Esther Hamill
Margaret Cox, for Freddie Hickson
Ann-Maria Deasy, for Mandy Gill
Wendy Parker, for all physically and mentally disabled people throughout the world
Ruth Herbert
Irene Duncan, for Josef Deja
Alifa Ismailmiya-Balding
St. Hilda’s Church
Ann Fillmore, for Robyn  Fillmore, who waits for us in Heaven with her now-perfect body

Quilt #485
(Panel #3)
24″ x 48″

Quilt #486
(Panel #2)
24″ x 48″

Quilt #487
(Panel #8)
24″ x 48″

Quilt #488
(Panel #6)
24″ x 48″

Quilt #489
(Panel #7)
24″ x 48″

Quilt #490
(Panel #1)
24″ x 48″

Quilt #491
(Panel #4)
24″ x 48″

Quilt #492
(Panel #9)
24″ x 48″

Quilt #493
(a Middling)
Made by:

Quilt #494
(a Middling)
Made by:

Quilt #495
(Touch Quilt #1)
61″ x 74.5″

Quilt #496
(Touch Quilt #2)
57″ x 71.5″

Quilt #497
(Touch Quilt #3)
58″ x 72″

Quilt #498
(a Middling)
Made by: Cornwallis Academy

Quilt #499
(Altar Panel Vertical)
“Wendy’s crosses”

Quilt #500
(Altar Panel Horizontal)
“Wendy’s crosses”

Quilt #501
(Topper Long Panel A)

Quilt #502
(Topper Long Panel B)

Quilt #503
(Topper Long Panel C)

Quilt #504
(Topper Long Panel D)

Quilt #505
(Topper Long Panel E)

Quilt #506
(Topper Long Panel F)

Quilt #507
(Topper Long Panel G)

Quilt #508
(Topper Long Panel H)

Quilt #509
(Topper Long Panel I)

Quilt #510
(a Middling)
Made by: Mote Rangers

Quilt #511
(a Middling)
Made by:
Alayne Fysh

Quilt #629
(Small Touch Quilt)

Quilt #630
(Altar Cloth)

Quilt #631
Made by:
Studio 11 Eastbourne

Total number of lives commemorated at Rochester Cathedral:


which brings our block count total to:


I’m not kidding, y’all. Scroll on down to the bottom of the page and watch that graph shoot up towards the finish line.

bags and boxes of mail

And there are many more blocks and quilts waiting for me to stay home long enough to check them in, so that number will grow. There are some surprises coming up in the newsletter and on the blog, so you might want to subscribe to both. Just sayin’.

Thank you to all who have stitched, hosted, shared, pieced, quilted, donated, and contributed in a host of other ways to bring us to this point.

For more info about The 70273 Project Exhibit at Rochester Cathedral  . . .
See the huge banners being made
Blocks were made
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And there are videos on The 70273 Project You Tube Channel