the 70273 project card for pinterest

One week ago on Valentine’s Day, Love Day, my birthday, I launched The 70273 Project to commemorate the lives of the 70273 disabled people who were murdered by German Nazis, and let me tell you: the response has been phenomenal.

I’ve heard from people in 32 countries.

Have penned one guest blog post.

Have been invited for one podcast interview, two television interviews, another guest blog post, to present at one writing workshop, and to provide a prompt for a writing challenge. (Stay tuned for details and links.)

I hold 20 blocks made by myself and family members.

There are people sending fabric to other people. There are women who are offering instruction to those whose hands have only touched fabric to zip or button or pin. There are women who’ve put fabric and thread in the hands of their husbands. People are planning Block Parties and putting out flyers and emailing others about The 70273 Project. There are so many people posting on facebook and sharing each other’s posts, I’m unable to stop by each one to say Thank you. (Please don’t hold that against me, and if you’ll tag me, I promise to stop by.)

People are tweeting, too, putting me in touch with all kinds of amazingly fantastic possibilities.

The project is being mentioned in digital newsletters far and wide.

Peeps from different countries reach out and ask to be The 70273 Project Ambassador for their country.

Folks help me grow the Thoughtfully Asked Questions page by asking really good questions.

People have designed promotional literature and helped me figure out things and given me digital back rubs.

People continue to subscribe so they’ll stay in the know.

Several folks have suggested venues where we might exhibit the quilts when they’re completed.

Financial donations have been made.

We have a pinterest board (that’s still being updated. Bear with me.)

We’re starting a Make-a-Block-a-Day-for-a-Month on March 1, so stay tuned for more specific info about that.

Well, you get the idea. Like I said, the response has been nothing short of phenomenal, and on behalf of my fingers, the 70273 souls we commemorate, and the disabled people we hold dear, thank you.

Y’all are absolutely amazing.  Thank you for all you’ve done and all you’ll continue to do to see this project through.