Today, I thought we’d take a tour of The 70273 Project  Heartquarters and see what happens around here when I’m not eating bonbons and watching tv.


Step 1: Go to the post office.
First thing after breakfast, The Engineer heads into town to make the Cashiers Circuit – grocery store, bank, library, and post office. It’s much more fun picking up the mail, he tells me, when you know that everything tucked under your arm isn’t a bill.

Cataloguing1Step 2: Open and make notes.
Once the envelopes are deposited on the project table in The Dissenter’s Chapel & Snug (my studio), I open the envelopes and check certain things. I make sure the Provenance Form is completed and legible, for example, and read the notes (if any) attached about who the block is in honor or memory of – which is always so touching.  I check the blocks to make sure there are two red X’s on a white background and that they are in one of the three required sizes. (Most are, thank goodness!) Then in the upper righthand corner of the form, I note the date the envelope was received, the number in which the envelope was received, how many blocks are in the envelope, and the block numbers.

Why do I number the envelopes, you ask? Because I’m a nut sometimes people send blocks in batches, and well, it just seems like a good idea to number the envelopes, too. And it’s another bit of information I might need somewhere along the road, so best to capture it now. (I have actually needed the envelope numbers for 2 reasons: one is for revealing and profiling in blog posts and another time I had 2 Provenance Forms and blocks I couldn’t mentally place. But I saw they were in an envelope with another Maker’s blocks, and question answered. You just never know.


I declare, many of the envelopes y’all use are pretty enough to be a quilt. And some of y’all really know how to make a girl chortle and cheer right out loud what with the little notes y’all tuck in with the blocks.

Well, that’s enough for today cause I have envelopes to open and blocks to catalogue, so our tour will continue tomorrow same time, same place. No need to buy another ticket, you’re good for the entire tour however long it takes. See y’all tomorrow . . .


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