The Short Version:

  • I continue to stitch the second set of Nancy’s drawings.
  • A set = the drawings she makes each time I visit, that is to say a set = a visit.
  • In Our Own Language 2.2 is what I’m currently working on. It’s the second of three panels of the second set.
  • When I work on it, I see likenesses pretty much everywhere.

The longer, illustrated version:

They say when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
I guess that’s why while stitching In Our Own Language 2.2 and creating a base of collaged doilies


I see a collage of leaves.


And while I seal the four layers together with scatter stitches


I see scatter stitches of pine straw.


( :: )

I had to take a break from stitching these big pieces (each panel is 60″ x 90″ and four layers) and stitch smaller pieces instead because working on the rather large panels in the In Our Own Language series is hot work, and we don’t have air conditioning. It’s cooling off now.