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1 stitch, 2 stitch . . . and that’s about the size of it


sometimes i think a piece will never get finished.


and then I remember how little I’ve been at home in the templum
since late january


and i can’t decide whether to be
relieved to have an excuse


or annoyed that i can’t seem to get
anything done when traveling..


i like portability.
but just because it will fit in a bag I can sling over my shoulder

doesn’t mean any forward motion will happen.
i have to work on that.

[ ::: ]

today’s post is an excuse
(signed by my mom, of course, because she’s with me at the beach, you know)
(does this little tidbit help you read between the lines of this post?)
explaining why I have nothing
absolutely nothing
to take off the wall
as part of Nina Marie’s Off The Wall Friday.


steeped in a bowl of summertime


Shed reason and frets so that what is left is a lean asceticism, a looking not at the world but into it.
~ Ellen Meloy, The Anthropology of Turquoise


I used to wonder why the sea was blue at a distance
and green close up
and colorless for that matter in your hands.
A lot of life is like that.
A lot of life is just a matter of learning to like blue.

~ Miriam Pollard, The Listening God


Colors challenge language to encompass them.
~ Ellen Meloy, The Anthropology of Turquoise


Turquoise is the stone of the desert. It is the color of yearning.
~ Ellen Meloy, The Anthropology of Turquoise


In some prayers the words for turquoise and water were interchangeable.
~ Ellen Meloy, The Anthropology of Turquoise


To protect yourself from lightning, the Navajo say,
wear a bead of turquoise in your hair.
The Navajo divinity Changing Woman,
so named because she is life springing from nothing
and a woman who renews her youth each season,
lives in a house with a turquoise door
and four footprints of turquoise leading to a turquoise room.
Changing Woman looks through binoculars of rock crystal,
the stone of light beams and fire
and a natural ally of turquoise.

~ Ellen Meloy, The Anthropology of Turquoise


I have always kept ducks, he said, even as a child,
and the colours of the plumage,
in particular the dark green and snow white,
seemed to me the only possible answers to the questions that are on my mind.

~ W. G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

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