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earlier tonight i was listening to some special christmas music, and because you don’t exactly need x-ray vision to know what’s going on in my life, i posted on facebook: “Listening to recordings of my daughter Alison Chambers singing Christmas carols and marveling at the beautiful voice that never fails to wrench tears from my heart.”

i’ve never done this before, so bear with me as i try to treat you to what i was listening to. if all goes according to plan, you just click (because i’m learning new marketable skills here, you’ll need to click on the song, be transported to another screen, then click on the song again. i have no idea why.) (and the strike-thru’s? i have no idea. just ignore them.), listen, enjoy. (tears optional.)

Alison sings Ave Maria

Alison sings Away in a Manager

Alison sings Gesu Bambino

Alison sings O Holy Night

Alison sings Un Flambeau

and my all time favorite, the one that brings me to the brink every time, the one we all joined in to sing together as the recessional at daddy’s funeral . . .

Silent Night