self portrait

this is the woman i want to be:


a woman who breaks out in vibrant glory

regardless of the season

or of the colors that surround her.


  1. Kathyloh

    And that you are – a real standout among the others

  2. Cristina

    Oh I love this so much! In just short, succinct lines… this radiates all I've been feeling in just today. All I've been feeling lately. Yes.

  3. Mrsmediocrity

    Yes. You ARE that woman.

  4. julie daley

    This is the Jeanne I already know. Vibrant, rosy, sassy, and vitally alive.

  5. Angela

    May I indulge in a little editing?
    first line: “This is Jeanne, this is the woman I am.”

  6. Bonnie

    That's you! I always think of you as such!

  7. Lisa MB

    It's clear from the comments that everyone already sees you as that woman. How cool!

    I hope to join you.

    This is beautiful, Jeanne. And just what I needed today.

  8. Emmajames

    Oh, how I love thee! And this. Brilliant.

  9. Dian Reid

    I love this, Jeanne … so you say, so you believe, and so you ARE …

  10. alligator_kate

    Wonderful to come back into this forest and find this. Amen.

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