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These are Nancy’s set 2 drawings – all 454 of them – stitched and ready to be amassed on the backdrop of the doilies then sandwiched in between sheer curtain panels. I should’ve started creating the doilie collage today. I meant to, really I did, but instead, I just sit here sketching new ideas for more hymns of cloth. Tomorrow. Definitely . . . well, maybe . . . probably . . .


  1. Glennis Dolce

    nice to meet you Rhonda.  we’re listening.  and exactly how does one confuse the moon?

    • whollyjeanne

      Ha! Might’ve known my friend Glennis (who makes beautiful shibori moons) would pick up on the moon reference! How does one confuse the moon? When their smile is so darn bright, it makes the sun jealous and the moon doesn’t know which light to reflect. xo

  2. Julie Daley

    Jeanne and Rhonda – I am here to bear witness, to read and listen, and to love this space you are both creating. I can feel Grace showering us all…

    • whollyjeanne

      Rhonda, this is Julie, Jewels I call her. I’ve told you about her, how she’s my beloved writing partner. So glad you’re here, Julie, and I, too, feel Grace showering us all. So beautiful.

  3. Theresa

    I am speechless. Thank you.

    • whollyjeanne

      We’re glad you’re here.

  4. susan rountree

    what a marvelous thing you are doing.

    • whollyjeanne

      Thank you, Sugar. What a marvelous thing Rhonda is doing and what a marvelous thing YOU are doing by bearing witness. Her fist post will be up later today. Thank you for being here. xo

  5. Angela

    Jeanne and Rhonda, I will be stalking thebarefootheart for every word you have to say or write, because I agree with Jeanne that there’s so much we need to hear from you.  I feel honored to be allowed to bear witness and hold space here.

    • whollyjeanne

      Thank you, Sugar. Your presence is a comfort. xoxo

  6. Acey

    a fabulous gift to all of us as well as Rhonda herself. This type of gift-hosting is something I think a lot of us would be well served to incorporate as and when the opportunity allows. Am extrapolating that you and yours weathered the hurricane okay.  We’re all fine on this end if you overlook the 70-80 year old hickory tree hanging like the sword of damoclese atop the power lines. Coming here and pausing to consider the gist and ramifications of this latest post has taken my mind away from Unwelcome Scenarios that can’t seem to stop themselves from churning through my brain …

    • whollyjeanne

      Ah, my Acey. Your presence and your words always fill me up in such wonderous and wonderful ways. We only had rain before Irene visited. It was quite odd and somewhat uncomfortable to be enjoying such a beautiful weekend knowing that just hundreds of miles away, they were being pummeled and battered. I laugh at your description of the tree because I love seeing the world through your eyes. I do not, however, find the physical situation funny, not at all. I hope that tree is gone by now. Does this mean you’ve been without power? I’ll bop over and see if you’ve posted about that. Regarding your last sentence: yes. Yes. I know what you mean. Thank you for being here. You will love Rhonda and she, you.

  7. Meredith

    Wow, what a wonderful thing to do for your friend Rhonda. Thank you for sharing this story, and thank you for bringing her words to us.

  8. Amy Miyamoto

    Jeanne and Rhonda – I found you through the gift of Julie Daley.  I will be here bearing witness to your living through words.  I am grateful! 😉

  9. Kevin

    “We laughed, then I shrugged and she shrugged…”

    And I laughed also, at the misunderstanding, the courage, the trust and the acceptance.

    All of which seem intact even now during this time.

    I’ve seen what camera as muse can achieve in the hands of an artist. I’m glad you got to participate in art creation, Rhonda, and that you, Jeanne, have someone love you as much as this caring woman shows in this gift of a platform. To say nothing of how clearly that love shines through her words…bright enough to confuse the moon all over again.

  10. Kevin (the clueless one)

    Please forgive me, I managed to get your names reversed in my comment.

    Clueless, as ever, I’m afraid.

    The thought was there, just switch the names and it’ll be all better.

  11. noelrozny

    I love this story. There is something really tranformative in being young and in college and slowly discovering your body and what it all means. I remember my college house, busting at the seams with wild girls who were always running around half dressed (or not dressed at all). We weren’t embarrassed by our bodies back then, we didn’t worry about cellulite or wrinkles or any of that jazz. And it was glorious and new and unrepentant.

    Rhonda, I look forward to reading your posts!!

  12. Liz

    I can’t seem to find the words, first two that just keep repeating: thank you. I knew Rhonda’s words along with Jeanne’s were going to continue to break me open. I was afraid to begin reading, what was holding me back? This is so beautiful. Thank you.

  13. Michel Jackson

    Dear Rhonda, this is what reading your writing is like for me. 
    “Preferences are irrelevant, it doesn’t matter what you want or why you’re here. If you’re standing in a furnace, the fact that you didn’t intend to burn will not protect you from the flames.” jed mckenna – spirituality incorrect enlightenment.

    Thank you- thank you- thank you. I’ll read until you’re done with the story and if there’s another one after that I’ll read that to. 


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