move day eve


an exhausting day, mentally, physically, and emotionally. an hour and fifteen minutes before the movers are to arrive, the truck rental place announces they don’t have the truck we’d reserved and offer little – very little – empathy. i’ve learned that staying calm works best more often than not, and it works again, albeit slowly. the two women (lisa and leslie) at the moving company are fantastic to deal with – i feel like angels are helping me move. they just keep assuring me that they will get me moved today, and they do. had i been close enough, i’d’ve had to use every ounce of self-restraint i could muster to avoid kissing them on the lips.

we eventually get a truck, arriving home about 7 minutes after the movers. my mother, my sister-in-law, and my daughter are busy beavers as they pack, move smaller things, and help me stay on top of things. eventually there is no more room in the truck, something that still makes me feel ill – but i just keep telling myself that like meredith, i’ll purge as i unpack. i mean we needed to completely fill the truck to prevent things from falling and flopping, right?

were it an olympic sport, i’d own the gold in justification.

all the hubbub upset the cats who pee and slink and hide once they are let out of their apartment (a.k.a. the garage), and as much as the cats wage battle against me, i feel quite loved as friends offer guest rooms, house keys, and even girl scout cookies.

hubbie, daughter, and i see everybody out and headed out for a margarita – something we’ve done three days this week, something we’ve never done before now. you know, that’s the one thing i’m enjoying about all this – how we shove work and chores and other miscellaneous to do’s aside to gather and see the day out together, laughing and talking and enjoying the company of each other. and i can’t help but wonder why we haven’t been doing this all along . . .


  1. Elizabeth Marie

    moving is so grueling. nothing like it. It’s beautiful how you “see the day out together.” probably helps with the exhaustion.

  2. Mrsmediocrity

    a lesson well learned, that. good luck with the move!

  3. Sunmcc

    And you know you have a set of keys and guest rooms here too!! Anytime and with great joy. Can’t wait to see you soon!

  4. Meredith

    I wish you much luck with your move. May the journey be easy, and may the unpacking equally easy.

  5. Alana

    Sending you love and warm baths in this time of upheaval and transition.

  6. emma

    Wait. What? Huh–? Holy hell in a hand-basket. I step away for a beat and YOU’RE MOVING?!? What’d I miss. Crimeny! Well, I’m excited for you, and sending lots of good juju that the process goes smoothly. I hope you take the space and time to honor your needs in the middle of the chaos. And I look forward to discovering your new home as you reveal it. xo

  7. Tracy Brown

    You know, I don’t suppose you would be tempted to “come up here”? Mrs. Mediocrity and I, well, we’re nice people. Don’t believe the NY stereotypes. Ahem, not ALL of them anyway.

    I hope your move is going well, Jeanne. I’m woefully behind in the story, but I am sending you a lot of “happy moving thoughts” and know that wherever you land, I’ll be envious of your neighbors. <3

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