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my response to each #reverb10 daily prompt is a tip, a suggestion you might find useful in juicing every single succulent drop out of this month-long experience. some of the tips are things i learned over the past year; some are answers to questions reverbers have asked me privately; some are things i just pull out of thin air.

at the end of each day (or roughly thereabouts), the tip will be folded into the comprehensive list, a.k.a. the marrow. and hey, if a tip sparks another idea, i’d sure appreciate it if you’d drop me a note in the comments section so i can sprinkle it out to others. and do some sprinkling of your own: point others to the marrow in case there’s something here they can use.

now let’s get on with it cause my wand’s a wastin’ . . .

today’s prompt: make. what was the last thing you made? what materials did you use? is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?

today’s tip: if you want to be found, make it easy for people to find you. if you want conversation, make it easy for people to comment.

check your twitter and facebook profile pages. is there a link to the blog that you’re using for #reverb10? several people have multiple blogs and list them all, or a business blog and a personal blog and link only to the business blog (the blog that’s paying for the dsl, no doubt). while we love knowing that you’re prolific and productive and wordyversatile, tick-tock, tick-tock, folks. we’ve got more than 2000 other blogs beckoning, so we need you to give us the shortest possible route to your reverb10 posts.

and about those comments . . . do people have to register/log in to leave you a comment? do they have to watch a commercial before being ushered to the comment box waiting to be filled? you’re clever – i like that. but does your invitation to comment clearly let people know that this is where/how they drop off a comment for you? think about it. tend to it.

now don’t go all red-faced on me – if it’ll make you feel better, i’ve private messaged many, many, many reverb10ers about these very things. i mention it here because not every reader has a fairy godmother clock that allows them time to track you down, so take a minute or twelve to show the way and clear the way for us. make it easy for us to find you and cheer you. go on now, scoot.


  1. Lyz

    i’ve never thought about it that way.. but that makes perfect sense, if you want people to respond to you (and who doesn’t love to see a comment on their posting) make it simple.. make it so they can post and leave.. no BS.. thank you fairy goddess mama! you rock!

  2. Sally G.

    Oh the fraught-filled pressure tick tock!! I use too many words. Mostly in my blog posts – but sometimes in my comments too. Simplicity is something I pay lip-service to as I pour all the words I know onto a page.

    My comment stream’s a dream though! Thank you …

  3. Christine Bougie

    Great advice for the Reverb10 participants. I’ve tried to comment on a few posts, only to find I don’t have the right “i.d.” to do so. Frustrating!
    Thanks for sharing/RTing so many great #reverb10 posts. Too many to sift through!

  4. Anonymous

    Great advice, Jeanne, when there’s still plenty of time for everyone to use it. Thanks for this and the constant #reverb10 support. xo

  5. liz

    thank you fairy godmother, you convinced me to start using a site that allowed comments, so now I’m learning wordpress, but learning is a very good thing. you are so amazing & i love you.

  6. Jennifer

    I have to say, of the many delights in finding Reverb 10 this year, discovering your blog ranks among the grandest.

  7. Anonymous

    YOU are the BEST. I love you.

  8. Stereo.*

    This is absolutely fantastic. Brilliant advice that I certainly will be taking. I do hope people take on board the advice about comments; no bigger deterrent than having to jump through hoops to leave feedback or encouragement.

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