it’s simple, really


when i say yes, please
or no, thank you
or even just yes or no . . .

when i speak without pre-qualifying
or apologizing for what i’m about to say . . .

when i lay down the need to defend
what i know to be True . . .

when i simply show up and live
my one wild and precious life,
the life that has my name
and nobody else’s name
on it . . .

when i create “just because”,
without worrying a single wrinkle
about the ability gang:
or if it’s a good use of my time or not . . .

when i live as though living is the only thing that matters . . .

that’s when i know glee
that’s when i know ease
that’s when i know play
that’s when i know free
that’s when i know full.


inspired by today’s skypeversation with my friend and writing partner, julie daley
whose birthday is tomorrow, 7/26.
all together now: happy birthday to you . . .


  1. Merry ME

    Living in the “know.” What a concept! 
    Happy birthday, Julie.

    • whollyjeanne

      Oh Sugar, you crack me up! And while I’m at it, how’s your writing coming along? Your writing space makeover? This inquiring mind really, really wants to know . . .

      • Merry ME

        Ha! Ha! I moved from the office to the den. I try to avoid even looking in the office. I’m well on the way to covering the top of the end table with my stuff. To top it all off, husband has taken over the dining room table so I’ve started sewing in the den. I know I should clean one mess before making another, but all I can think about is sewing. I’m loving it so the mess can wait! Thanks for asking. 

  2. angelakelsey

    Glee, ease, play, free, full. Everyday birthday wishes. xo to Jeanne and Julie

    • whollyjeanne

      Yes, exactly: every (birth) day wishes. xo

  3. ☆little light☆

    Printing these out and putting them where I can see them.
    Wise words as always~

    • whollyjeanne

      You know what I always say: takes a woman of wisdom to recognize wise words.

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