Laurie Dunn has been a vital and vibrant part of The 70273 Project
from the beginning – 2/14/2016.
On 2/22/2016, Laurie wrote:
“I made myself cardboard templates,
in each size so I would not have to measure each block
and they will fit in Jeanne Hewell-Chambers’ plan.
So far I have just made the 6.5 x 9.5″ size.
(And I am surprised by how many red and white tools I have.)”


One day Laurie worked on a block while visiting her dad.
He asked what she was doing, and when she told him,
he sang a little song from his WW II days,
then told her “Wait here just a minute,”
and went to fetch a red ribbon from a box of candy.”
“Use this in one of your blocks,” he told her.

Laurie’s dad, who celebrated his 90th birthday in February,
joined the Navy when he was 17 years old,
fought in World War II,
then re-enlistd for the Korean War.

Laurie writes, “My dad was quite moved by The 70273 Project.
He said, ‘That is why we fought against Hitler.'”


This is Laurie’s not quite 3 year old granddaughter, Sophia
using a needle for the very first time,
putting about 6 stitches in this 6.5 x 9.5 block.
Laurie says Sophia did pretty good for her first time with a needle.


Meet Laurie’s 3 busy grandsons, ages 3, 5, and 7.
“These active boys stitched for over an hour this afternoon,” Laurie writes,
“surprising me with their ability and interest in helping with sewing.
Even the 3 year old wanted to do it himself.
I prepared the blocks for them yesterday,
and used that iron on fusible web to hold the XXs.
I was even able to stitch a couple of blocks myself while they worked.”


And last but not least, let’s welcome Laurie’s husband
to The 70273 Project.
“I got my material out. Cut 8 blocks to start.
Thought I would try using a couple of hoops,” Laurie says.
“My husband smiled and said ‘Got your blocks cut?’
I threaded a needle and handed it to him with one of the hoops,
and here he is stitching his block.”
Then our Laurie and her husband laid down a challenge:
“How many blocks is The Engineer going to make?”
(Update to follow, Laurie!)


Would you just look at this beautiful woven block
created by Laurie.
Laurie works at Martha Lloyd Community Services.
And if you visit their web site,
the first words you’ll see are these:
“Where Families Matter”.
Poke around a bit, and you’ll see philosophies
that align with mine . . . with ours . . .
and photos of some of the happiest faces you’ve ever seen.
It’s now officially on My List:
I’m going to visit the Martha Lloyd Community Services one day soon,
if they’ll have me,
and I’m gonna’ make sure it’s a day when Laurie is there.


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