Inside Envelope 64: Bev Haring

Block1198BevHaring3.5x6.5.300dpi copyBlock 1198 made by Bev Haring

I’m Bev Haring, and I’m a fiber artist. Fifteen years ago I retired from the corporate world, and now I spend much of my time making art.

Block1199BevHaring3.5x6.5.300dpi copyBlock 1199 made by Bev Haring

I was introduced to this project by Margaret Blank. She and I came to know each other because we were both serving as Representatives in our respective regions (her’s in Quebec, Canada; mine for CO/UT/WY) for Studio Art Quilts Associates.

During our conversations online, I learned of her project Mark on the Body which deals with her late husband’s Type I Diabetes. She was looking for people to make a little square for part of her project, and I volunteered because there were some similarities between the Type I Diabetes her husband had and the Type II Diabetes my husband has.

When Margaret posted about The 70273 Project, I immediately knew I needed to make some blocks.

Block1200BevHaring3.5x6.5.300dpi copyBlock 1200 made by Bev Haring

Along with my husband’s diabetes, which would have made him one of the 70,273, he had polio as a child and as a result has one leg that has no calf muscle – another reason he would have been one of them. And without him, there would be 3 adult children, 3 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren that simply did not exist.

Block1201BevHaring3.5x6.5.300dpi copyBlock 1201 made by Bev Haring

There are some other interesting coincidences along the way for me – my daughter’s degree is in history and her major focus was Europe in the WWII era. She spent many weekends during her college years meeting with and talking to survivors of the Holocaust. During that time I helped her create a piece of fiber art that was donated to Hillel at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Block1202BevHaring3.5x6.5.300dpi copyBlock 1202 made by Bev Haring

Much of my adult life I have felt a connection to this time and the people that suffered through it. Interestingly, during the time I was working on these blocks, I sent my DNA off to be tested and discovered that I do have a real Jewish connection.


Wow, Bev. That’s interesting that you’ve long felt a special connection to this time period and now find that you have some Jewish ancestry. Many “coincidences” here with your life, your daughter, and The 70273 Project. Thank you for giving your time to be a SAQA  Rep and to making blocks for The 70273 Project. I’m honored and delighted to have you be part of this.

If you’re reading this and would like to join in, here are some stepping stones (links) that might help you find your way:

Specific block information
The Facebook Group
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The Pinterest Board
A subscription form to blog posts

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  1. Lori East

    Wow, Bev! Interesting connections you have. So glad you’ve joined the Project!

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