How I Think About Things Is Changing


Every night he kicks, yanks, and tugs the sheet out on his corner, and every morning I tuck it back in. When I find myself getting grumpy about having to lift that heavy mattress with one hand while tucking the sheet back in with the other, I remind myself that One Day this could be one of the things I miss the most.

If I knew which one of us is going to die first, it would change everything.

But I don’t know . . . and that changes everything, too.


  1. moonie

    Who will be the holder of the memories? That is the hardest question to ask… to look at. I like your perspective though, what will I miss? and it will most likely be the things that annoy me now. 🙂

  2. judy martin

    I can’t even think it.

    • whollyjeanne

      I know what you mean. (But try as I may, I cannot cajole myself into imagining that I’ll ever miss the ice crunching.) xo

  3. April Harrison

    Funny thing…when I read the beginning of the first sentence, got the drift of where you were headed…my thoughts…before finishing that sentence…were exactly the rest of your sentence.

    • whollyjeanne

      You already live this, so yes, you know. Love you.

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