bags and boxes full of mail to be opened

photo description: boxes and bags filled with mail to be opened

Happy birthday to us . . .

Two years ago today, I launched The 70273 Project, ten days after the big, fat, crazy idea came to call and before I had time to think myself out of it. It has changed my life in the most astonishingly wonderful ways:
I have friends – good friends – all over the world.
I am seeing part of the world I never dreamed I’d walk on and breathe in.
I never have to look for something to do.
I could go on, but y’all want to know how many people we have commemorated, so on we go. Here’s what I’ve checked in since last time:

a bag filled with large envelopes of mail

photo description: a bag filled with large envelopes of mail

Happy birthday to us . . . 

Pat Loveland (US)
Erin Bross (US)
Becca Brackett (US)
Paula Golden (US)
Judy Munford (England)
Suzanne Elswick (US)
Diane Dresdner (US) – She’s made 700 blocks to date and is creating a Middling next!
Maria Conway (Argentina)
Sara Foster (US)
Linda Crews Carter (US)
Sarah Arrington (England)
Amanda Jane Ogden (Durham, U.K.)
Sonja Koons (US)
Lea Ann Ferring (US)
Alamo Heritage Quilt Guild (US)
Members of the Sewing Servants Ministry in Escondido, CA (US)*

a box filled with large envelopes

photo description: a box filled with envelopes

Happy birthday 70273 Project,

Quilt 306, Pieced and Quilted by Diane Lewis
Quilt 307, Pieced and Quilted by Diane Lewis
Quilt 529 (a top) made by Australian Stitchers**
Quilt 530 (a Long, Skinny) made by Lois Sullivan (US)

*Members of the Sewing Servants Ministry:
Ann Drake
Mary Barker
Elias Espinoza
Lupe Cox
Rosa Maria Mendoza
Beatrice Eaton
Linda DeSaverio
Marlene English
Mahbanoo Iradipanah
Beritna Cazarez
R. K. (beautiful handwriting, but I just can’t make out the name)

** Australian Quilters
Musse Harper
Kerry Rochford
Alicia White
Alison McFadden
Lynn King
Rose Cooney
Rebecca Nguyen
Phoebe Adams
Marcia Cameron
Bonnie Niu
Janet Hay
Joanna Stanek
Victoria Cameron
Charis Harper
Cubekal Jasper
Christine Rose B Esmenda

Quilt 409, Pieced by Sandy Panagos
Quilt 410, Pieced by Sandy Pangs
Quilt 392, Pieced by Edna Jamandre
Quilt 393, Pieced by Edna Jamandre

This means I have 4 quilt tops ready to be quilted! If you’re interested, leave a comment, email me, or find me on Facebook or Instagram and let me know.

an envelope, a postcard, a drawstring bag, and a ceramic heart

photo description: an envelope, a postcard, a drawstring bag, and a handmade ceramic heart

a magazine and quilt labels from The International Festival of Quilts

photo description: a magazine and quilt labels from the International Festival of Quilts

Happy birthday, to us.

~ Pam Arena is at it again – doing something creative and fun. This time she’s started making hearts of clay and leaving them for strangers to find, and she sent me one to leave as a surprise for some attentive passerby.
~ Labels for all the quilts that were in the Special Exhibit at the International Quilt Festival. Last year (or was it the year before?) the Truckee Meadows Quilt Guild in Nevada asked if they could attach one of their quilt show labels on the back of the quilt that hung as part of their show. I thought it was such a good idea, I vowed to make a label for every quilt show every quilt has or will be in. Thank you,  Good People at Quilts, Inc.. You’ve saved me a lot of time!

As of today, we have commemorated 33,491 people, y’all.

And this doesn’t include those commemorated at Durham Cathedral, Rochester Cathedral, or the Jersey Museum. Way back when, I counted some of the blocks and quilts from Durham and Jersey, then I realized it’s easier to count once the quilt are finished and on exhibit, so I have to go back through my records to figure out which ones were counted so I don’t count them twice. I’ll do that next week, so look forward to a new update soon.

Any day now, I’m going to have all the photos from Durham Cathedral, Rochester Cathedral, and Jersey Museum titled and organized so I can share them in blog posts. And I’ll be sharing info about some digital adventures you won’t want to miss, so subscribe to the blog and to The 70273 Project newsletter,.

Thank you for pouring your kind, compassionate, respectful hearts into this project and into the world. I can feel the difference it makes, can you? Happy birthday to us.