muddy waters are beautiful by me


i love how the falls,
ordinarily so lacey and pristine,
go all muddy on us after a storm.
the sediment, once hidden in quiet repose underneath the surface,
comes rushing to the top,
debris once settled in another life faraway from here
gets added to the mix,
sometimes staying a while
as though waiting on the next big storm to come along.


  1. angelakelsey

    Thank you for this beautiful post, with its reminder that sediment and debris are part of the fabric of the falls and our lives. xo

    • whollyjeanne

      And after the storm? Some of the debris flows off to parts unknown while the rest settles on the bottom, out of sight, waiting for the next storm.

    • whollyjeanne

      And after the storm, the cycle starts again: The bulk of the debris flows away, finding a new home elsewhere. What remains settles. The water clears. And we go on. xo

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