you get an idea.
you’re excited,
and before you can talk yourself out of it,
you make a shopping list
and gather materials
you’ll need.
everything is nice and orderly.
you are ready to start.


somewhere in the middle
things go wonky.
you get confused.
nothing looks the way you’d imagined.
you are lost.



you persevere,
trusting, hoping, thinking,
and maybe even praying a little bit
in your own way of praying.
maybe the entire process
is praying, now that you think about it.


order is restored.
you are excited again,
eager to move forward.
you may not know how the finished
project will look,
but you know what you need to do next,
and that’s enough
for now.


And so I begin this a special project that begs my attention. Though it will be documented here on Gone With The Thread, a blog created specially for irrepressible pursuits of my heart, you can read a little bit more about the inception of the idea here.