About three weeks ago, I picked up 503 new drawings by Nancy. I am thrilled because for the first time, she’s using multiple colors


making deliberate choices


filling the page with what might look like frenzy and chaos to some, looks more like joy and freedom to me.


Because I can’t begin to imagine how long it would take me to stitch all that joy and freedom, I’ve decided to create a response to each piece, stitching a visual representation of what a conversation with Nancy looks like. (When it happens, that is, cause she’s pretty much non-verbal.) (But when she does engage, let me tell you: it’s a riot of color and a romp of fun and a caper down a path you’d love to go down again and again and again.)


Communion. That’s that I’m calling this new series.



  1. Merry ME

    You are nothing if not ambitious. This is going to be beautiful.

    • whollyjeanne

      thank you, sugar. it’s taking me a while to get my brain to play along. it keeps asking “what does a conversation looks like on any given day, and a conversation with nnancy? you’re crazy, girl.” and maybe i am. but i’m doing it anyway. x

      • Merry ME

        If you’re crazy and you know it, clap your hands! Or pick up a needle and stitch as the case may be.

        • whollyjeanne

          Oh my funny friend, yes. That’s it exactly. Even is you’re not happy, pick up a needle and stitch your way into the big H. X

  2. Illuminary

    Oh! That’s a beautiful name…
    Looking forward to watching the holy unfold…

    • whollyjeanne

      you said the word would find me, and it did. x

  3. brandeewineb

    Oh, how cool! I love seeing Nancy’s progression & I fascinated by your response!

    • whollyjeanne

      Thank you, Sugar. There’s never a dull moment with Nancy, that’s for sure.

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