communion #13 takes the stage


according to, communion means:


. . . a close relationship with someone or something

. . . an act of sharing


. . . intimate fellowship and rapport

. . . a friendly relationship marked by harmony

this is the 13th in a series i dubbed Communion.
each piece is a visual non-representational representation of what a conversation with nancy is like.


“accord” is a synonym for “communion”, and it means to give to someone or something.
It is a middle english word that found its way into being from the latin word for heart.


this series keeps me sane because i can start and finish in less than one week (i’m the poster girl for accomplishment-oriented folk) and because i get to grapple. trust me when i tell you that every conversation with nancy involves grappling.
grappling is good for the soul.


  1. moondrop

    Grapple : a small anchor; a grapnel. struggle with or work hard to deal with or overcome , So Now i am wondering what is it that you must wrestle with and over come? perception, perspective.. illumination…
    Your stitching’s are beautiful, and they speak of something that holds and circles itself, more than anchoring or overcoming…
    From my POV.. ~smile~

    • whollyjeanne

      interesting . . . i consider it grappling because having a conversation with nancy isn’t like having a conversation with anybody else. to have a conversation with nancy, you must overcome any pre-conceived notions about what a conversation is like. you must forget degrees and common uses of words and lose any sense of direction. talking with nancy can be at once, freeing and frustrating; funny and fabulous. i like what you say about “something that holds and circles itself” – your keen observations and deep understanding is precisely why i named this series “communion.” xo

  2. Faye Cook

    I care for my intellectual disabled sister who also has mental health issues.
    Somedays we can have great conversations but other days not so.
    She speaks english clearly but its how she uses it ,that sometimes makes you feel like your learning a new language.

    • whollyjeanne

      it takes patience. and forgetting everything you’ve learned. and openness. and grappling. and sometimes a conversation doesn’t involve a single word. you know?

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