A Barn Dance, Kinda’





Today The Engineer took me out behind the barn –
Okay, he took me over TO the barn,
where we hung In Our Own Language #1



and In Our Own Language #2.


It is the first time I’ve seen
all three panels of
In Our Own Language #1 hung together,
and it is the first time I’ve seen
In Our Own Language #2 at all
because our ceilings are quite low
and we don’t even have enough floor space
for me to spread it out on the floor and
climb in a chair for a look.

A neighbor came by to see what we were doing
and declared the cloths “pretty”.
It was obvious he was eager
to get back to playing on
his new toy: the cutest little backhoe you ever saw.


In Our Own Language #1 is Nancy’s first set of drawings.


She drew them in June 2012.


There are 167 drawings in set 1.


In Our Own Language #2 is her second set of drawings


created in August 2012.


There are 454 drawings in set 2.

It was quite thrilling, really.


  1. Merry ME

    Stunning. As with most art, you can look at the whole or the individual. The whole speaks of beauty and wonder. The individual says, “look at all those stitches!” Amazing. Do you have an ultimate goal for these creations? Or is the goal simply in the making?

  2. Merry ME

    P.S. The barn’s not bad, either!

  3. jane

    there is something in the mosaic like cathedral like ethereal beauty that the collaboration between you and Nancy (and the Engineer in this case- bless him for doing this) bring to the world that shifts the balance… the world can be full of dismissal and grasping and these works are the antidote, works of deep noticing and receiving – they really take my breath away

  4. Faye Cook

    Gothic church windows were built to illuminate the dark church interior and amaze the congregation ,Im so glad yours do as well.Stunning work by both Nancy and you.

  5. moonglow

    yes, and they are a wonderful and breath stealing thing to behold…

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