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In Our Own Language 16

Usually Nancy (my disabled sister-in-law) draws, and I stitch her drawings, but this time we laid the crayons down and played with bits from my scrap bag. Nancy placed the bits of fabric on fusible sheets, and I took it from there stitching in the car . . . and under Adonis . . . […]

In Our Own Language 18

The ARC last Friday . . . Jeanne: Do you want to ride in the convertible? Nancy: Yes. Jeanne: Do you want to spend the night with us at the hotel? Nancy: Yes. Jeanne: Do you want to go shopping? Nancy: SHOPPING!!!!!! [I took that as a yes.] Jeanne: Do you want to walk on […]

89: In Our Own Language 17

After beginning in June 2012, Nancy continues to draw. and I continue to stitch, though some of her more recent drawings are too line intensive. But not to worry cause I have ideas. We brought home 470 more drawings after an all too short visit with her last week. Nancy makes this shape in many […]

Nancy Responds to Our Collaboration

A question I am frequently asked  is “What does Nancy think about you stitching her drawings?” And the answer is: “I haven’t a clue, not an inkling.” She doesn’t give any verbal or physical indication that she understands or even recognizes that I am stitching her marks, that we are in collaboration. My only indicator […]

It’s Giving Tuesday & We Need Your Help

You’ve made blocks, pieced tops, quilted quilts. You continue to commemorate, and I am so deeply grateful to you for sharing your time, talent, energy, and materials to help commemorate the 70,273 people who were murdered. Perhaps you’ll be willing to help another way? Expenses for The 70273 Project have become too great for Andy and […]

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