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On the Eve of Eye Treatment Days

As the day before Wet Macular Eye Treatment Day finds its way into the higher numbers on the clock, the voices in my head grow louder, speaking through clenched teeth: ”What if it hurt tomorrow?” ”What if the hemorrhage has grown larger?” “What if he nicks a blood vessel again?” ”What if the needle slips, and I […]

Treatment #13: Will the Eyes Have It?

Wednesday, 08 April 2020, Day 29 of Sheltering-in-Place: Today is Eye Treatment #13, and as I both expected and feared, my vision has declined. Today I lost 10 letters.  That’s almost all the letters I’ve gained over the last year. Despite knowing the erosion of vision since the last visit, I am sad, bereft, and discouraged. […]

Eye Treatment #11

I am either deeply rooted in denial or I’m the new poster girl for eternal optimism. In the past week, I checked out these books from our local library. And bought these books at the library’s used book sale two days ago, Yesterday was Eye Treatment #11, and tests showed there was more fluid (bad) […]

Today Eye Show You My I

1. Time I recently received a message from a friend replying privately to one of my facebook posts. She (a) expressed surprise that I continue to have issues with my vision, and (b) admonished me to accept it and move on. It occurs to me that perhaps I wasn’t very clear in my posts and […]

The Eyes Have It . . . For Now

I begin to need more light, more contrast. Then there is not enough light or contrast or magnification. I cannot read emails, magazines, menus, road signs. I notice that things seem to bend. Hard, immovable things like trees and boards on the back of trucks. Initially blaming windshields, I flick that excuse aside when realizing […]

51: The Eyes Have It

She’d been a writer since discovering the written word in first grade, so it’s no wonder she sat in a corner at their twentieth reunion, watching her former classmates and sketching them in lines and words. . . One gal had a bad cold which kinda’ made her look like a clown. About all she […]

the view from here . . . through nancy’s eyes

as you no doubt recall, nancy spent thanksgiving with us here, atop this mountain where our home sits perched on this waterfall. her teacher (thank you, mona) sent me these drawings made by nancy on her first day back at school after the thanksgiving break. they take my breath away. one day i’d like to […]

Let’s Talk Eyeball to Eyeball, part 1

Now listen, let’s cut right to the chase: difficult people are one thing, stupid people are one thing, but abusive, controlling, manipulative people are quite another, and you need only stay in relationship with them long enough to be able to get out safely. Period. You deserve better. Period. You’ve heard the old saying “You […]

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