the view from here . . . through nancy’s eyes





as you no doubt recall, nancy spent thanksgiving with us here, atop this mountain where our home sits perched on this waterfall. her teacher (thank you, mona) sent me these drawings made by nancy on her first day back at school after the thanksgiving break. they take my breath away. one day i’d like to see what would become of nancy’s drawings in a 3-d printer. until then, these call for some special stitching . . .


  1. Susan F.

    Wow! Those really are at a completely different level. I think the beautiful views truly touched and inspired her.

    P.S. It’s good to hear that you’re getting some cooperation from those who work with Nancy. *may it last*

    • whollyjeanne

      aren’t they, though? completely different from the other sets. will these do for our – ahem – top secret project? i haven’t forgotten. just have a few more questions. figure we’ll get it going after the first of the year. let me know if these will do what we want/need them to do.

  2. tuesday

    Beautiful! and I am so thrilled that the school sent these to you… wow.. just wow!

    • whollyjeanne

      me, too, moonbeam. thrilled with the drawings, thrilled that mona sent them.

  3. Linda K Sienkiewicz

    Those are pretty cool. She’s got it down.

    • whollyjeanne

      these really took my breath away, sugar, cause nancy doesn’t stop and stare – she doesn’t even turn her head to look out the window. you think she’s “not all there” but nothing – absolutely nothing – gets past her.

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