98: Will It Ever Stop?

Mother called me tonight to make sure I knew about the atrocities that happened in Paris. She says it reminds her of when Pearl Harbor was attacked. The shock. The horror. The disbelief. The inability to comprehend such acts of man’s inhumanity to man. The incredible, unending sadness.

Being one who believes in the power of collective goodness, maybe we can make an effort to be kinder than usual to those around us right now. And offer up prayers to the victims of this inconceivably inhumane act as well as their friends and families.

That’s story enough for today.

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  1. judy martin

    Man’s inhumanity to man. I remember learning that phrase when I was in grade 7 or so as a subject for novels. I remember thinking that surely, eventually, man would grow up and these terrible events would only be for ‘historic’ novels.

    A great sadness has come over the world today. Sending a hug to you and to your mother. xo

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