Dr. Seuss
a convict
a princess or two
Minnie Mouse
the court jester
Robin Hood
a pumpkin
a leprechaun
Captain America
(who stayed pretty close
to the refreshment table)
attended the party.

Several witches were in attendance.
The one with the green face
and long black nose
kept her candy bucket draped
over her left arm
for safekeeping
while her right hand ate popcorn
without stopping.

Some wore helmets
and knee pads
but not as costumes.
They wear helmets and pads every day
cause they tend to fall a lot.

Nobody surveyed the crowd
making snide comments about how
somebody danced
or what they wore
or who they were sitting beside
or how many bags of popcorn they’d already devoured.
These people just rejoiced in being alive,
dancing with each other
dancing in groups
dancing with themselves,
dancing on their feet
dancing in their seats
dancing in their wheelchairs.
And those whose feet don’t work quite right
danced with their hands.

The music was loud
and the music was constant.
Quicker than the best contestant
who ever won Name That Tune,
partygoers went wild with
excitement and enthusiasm
at the sound of The Lazy Song
by Bruno Mars,
flooding the entire room
with joyful gyrations
and gleeful singing along.
Nancy and Mona
and The Leprechaun
and Robin Hood
and I
and sang
at the top of our lungs,
our arms thrown in the air,
our heads turned up to the sky
as we sang about being one big fat
lazy bum,
(something that obviously
has universal appeal).

Those who can speak
sang the words
(theirs or Bruno’s, no matter)
and those who can’t speak
hummed or moaned
or made whatever sound
that just happened to fall out.

We attended Nancy’s Halloween party today,
The Engineer and I did,
and let me tell you:
it was the happiest,
shortest (time just flew by)
most satisfying party I’ver ever been to.