Greetings from the Burger King in Lancaster, CA where we stop for food on our way to visit Nancy’s Aunt Ginny in the personal care home where she now resides. Tomorrow we get to work selling her car, readying her house for sale. That kind of stuff.

Telling a woman that she will never drive or live independently in her own home again: hardness.

Or Heartness, maybe. Depends.

Times like this call for heart . . . a heart with a string, ready to pull and unravel all the hardness, all the chain mail that accumulates over the years in the name of safety and protection. I’m not sure it’s really safe, though. Not sure it really does protect. Time to inhale deeply, pull the string, and deal with what needs to be dealt with.

67 drawing



We’re headed to Death Valley. Internet may be spotty at best over the next few days. I hope not, but it might.


She is my developmentally disabled sister-in-law, Nancy,
and I am Jeanne, the woman who flat-out loves her.
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