Today was the day.

They went to the chapel,
and they got married.

Larry and Becky Voyles.


Larry enters,


and takes his place, sighing audibly as if to say “Finally.”


Then here comes Bride Becky


who, in one of the most symbolic, meaningful, and foretelling acts ever,


is met halfway by Larry, who walks with her the rest of the way.



Afterwards there are flowers, food, and fellowship.


Jeanne and her Other Little Brother make merry.


and are joined by our spouses in The Classic Hewell Pose
where everybody looks in any direction away from the camera.


Eventually (though not nearly quick enough to suit The Groom)
the couple is bubbled out


where they take their seats in
Clifford, the Big Red Truck
and make their way into happily ever after.

I don’t use the word “joy” very often, but this was one of the most joyous weddings I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been wondering all day why that is. For one thing, they’re in love, and it’s an inclusive love. They invited us there because they want us to share in their love, to witness their vows, to infuse their union with joyous energy. They want us to support them, to stand with them, to celebrate right alongside them because they know that no marriage is an island unto itself.

“You made him laugh,” Becky whispered to me at the end of the first supper we shared last year. “I wasn’t sure I’d ever hear that again.” I knew right then and right there that I loved this woman as much as I love the man who is now her husband. Their union isn’t about possession and hierarchies of love. Their love is deep and pure and wise.

There is no tug of war, no drawing of lines in their love.
They make an opening in their circle and bid loved ones join them.
Their love is large enough and sure enough to let others in.

Yep, today set me to thinking a lot about weddings . . . but those are stories for other days. While this morning was devoted to wedding bliss, this afternoon devoted itself to napping. Alison overdid things yesterday, behaving more like it was six months after surgery instead of one week, and she’s paying dearly. And me, well, I guess it all caught up with me today. I’m giving myself two more days of moving slow and napping at will, though right now I’m not at all sure two days will prove enough restorative time.


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