Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans. I seem to have gotten us all out of order by traveling down the mountain but leaving the supply and stitching bag up on top of the mountain. I had a system, you see, using narrow strips that were leftover from making the panels, I’d write the number of each drawing on a little block of fabric and pin it to the back of the cloth panel. When I started posting on 7/1/2012, a happy accident occurred and each drawing corresponded to the date on the calendar. But by #32, I needed to back my ears and (a) do math or (b) develop a system. My system involved using a narrow strip of fabric leftover from when I made the cloth panels, cutting the strip into little blocks and writing the drawing number and the date of posting on each one. That worked great . . . for two whole days.


Fortunately (and for reasons I can’t explain), I had some drawings and some cloth, and being down the mountain and back in the land of convenience, I was able to purchase needles and floss and the other things I needed, so on Thursday, we skipped ahead by 10, and carried on.

Today, here’s #33. Will we get back on track now? I don’t really know. When I first realized I’d left the bag that held everything neatly organized and all laid out to keep me stitching uninterrupted through the traveling, I was distraught and aggravated. But I quickly developed a plan b and kept going. Now I’m thinking that creativity isn’t neatly organized, and it seldom goes according to plan. So maybe being off track puts us right smackdab on track, you know what I mean?

3 6 02Aug2012 33


And here’s what the week looked like:


We’ll talk more tomorrow.


She is my developmentally disabled sister-in-law, Nancy,
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