things – often big things – like trees, for example – find themselves in the falls. perhaps they were pushed in by mischievous humans or beavers, perhaps they died a natural death and fell in. whatever the cause, however they got there – big things land in the falls . . . and here’s the important part: the water just flows around them. it doesn’t stop, it just finds a new path.


the falls are made up of bajillions of droplets of water, and when they come together, they create a formidable force and a mighty roar.


you must be well motivated, fortified, and thoroughly dedicated to walk in the opposite direction of the water. to go against the flow is not an easy or restful activity.


water is determined and tireless. it doesn’t stop of its own accord, flowing on and on and on until something out of its control brings it to a halt. water can’t control the weather. water, weather – they are both pieces of nature’s jewelry, but they are different. separate.


the water frolics over the rocks as one great big never-ceasing transparent barrel of fun. but step in and hit a slick spot, and – whoosh – down you go. there are always things you can’t see.


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