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To understand what it feels like to look at Nancy’s art, you can not look at it with a logical mind. My daughter said it best, “It feels free,” and how does one capture freedom? As a flag flapping in the wind? You do that already with these. So I brainstormed and hunted the web looking for images that made my spirit feel free. And instead of taking a picture of the stitching in an organic place, I placed it upon the images that reflected most to me what it makes me feel when I looked at it, the joy and openness…


Today’s Envoy is my friend Illuminary. The first time I read her writing, I was smitten, absolutely smitten. Then next thing you know, we’re tucking each other in at night with stories about our day or how we wish our day had been or how we hoped tomorrow would be – a ritual that continues to this day. Beyond giving me a sweet, soft place to lay my head every night, let me tell you: this woman is amazing. She gets more done in a minute than I get done in a week. She home schools Little Moon (my special name for her special daughter), makes pottery, sews, quilts, makes dolls, reads the best books, tend a garden, writes, makes brooms, paints, and I don’t know what all. Seems to me there’s nothing this woman can’t do. Simply said, she is an artist – an artist in various creative mediums, an artist at life, and an artist at friendship. And she’s as generous as she is talented. This week found her holding class for the Empty Bowls project, and I know she donates some of her mugs as a fundraiser for an animal shelter. Go visit her blog and be captivated by her writing, by her special way of looking at the world, then visit her etsy shop and let her become your favorite elf. Thank you, MoonGlow, for this beautiful collage and your beautiful words that accompany it. I’ll talk to you later when we tuck ourselves in under the moon that holds you, me, and Nancy, too.


She is my developmentally disabled sister-in-law, Nancy,
and I am Jeanne, the woman who flat-out loves her.
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