Today’s Envoy, Noel writes:
I tried to think
where in the world I could take you,
in this city of big shoulders
and wide beaches and sparkling lights,


and over and over and over
I recalled my favorite place,


tucked in from the bustle
and the roar of the trains,


where there is time to sit
and breathe


and catch a prayer in your lap.

And where is Noel’s delightful secret spot? The Ann Sather Garden, a little community spot located right under the el tracks in the Uptown/Buena Park neighborhood of Chicago (about two blocks north of Wrigley Field!)

I’ve never met Noel in person, and yet I know her. Does that make sense? She is a woman of integrity, compassion, and crackerjack talent as a writer. Since first our paths crossed online about two-and-a-half years ago, I see her name come across my screen and I smile. Even before I read her words, I smile. Thank you, Noel, for being an Envoy despite all the crazymakings that have invaded your life lately.


She is my developmentally disabled sister-in-law, Nancy,
and I am Jeanne, the woman who flat-out loves her.
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