Week 39 in Review (November 7-13, 2016)


taken from our front deck

Fires in the area – all around us. Something like eight months without rain leaves us high and dry. Blue smoke fills the air, making my eyes burn, my nose itch, my throat scratchy. Our waterfall is down to a trickle. When fire trucks go to a designated water hole to fill the tanks, they arrive to find the water hole dry. It’s a mess. A big, scary, acrid mess. Roads are closed, emails advise us to be prepared to evacuate, but so far, no evacuation notice has been delivered. Regardless, I gather The 70273 Project blocks and quilts, bagging them up so they’ll be easier to grab and go, hoping that my preparations will ward off the need to leave – a strategy that seems to be working!

Janet Hartje raised a good question: Given the wildfires, is it okay to mail blocks to me? I asked the local postmistress, and she assures me it’s fine to send us mail, so stitch and send at your heart’s desire.





Betty Hedrick and a friend came to help last week. Though we worked in some sightseeing and shopping, they still managed to get a lot of blocks scanned. Not only did I enjoy their company and getting to know them in person, I am very appreciative for their help.


I met with Andy Offutt Irwin, a good friend, a funny man, and a talented performer who is going to help me get The 70273 Project story to the stage. Chloe Grice, a good friend, a vibrant member of The 70273 Project Tribe, and a talented woman who’s creative like you wouldn’t believe is also helping me prepare this for the stage. She’s sketching my wardrobe, suggesting props, dressing the set. This is all very exciting.


Then there’s the mail. This week brought envelopes from:
Betty Hedrick (WA, USA)
Dorothy Grout-Smith (Australia)
Margaret Williams (GA, USA)
Cathy Crecelius (KY, USA)
Maria Conway (Argentina)
Pauling Tagg (Channel Islands, UK)
Dianne Llewellyn (Savigne, France)
which brings our block count to . . . 5629!
Thank y’all for continuing to stitch, even as we enter what, for most, is the busiest time of the year. Perhaps stitching a block or two will provide you with a quiet, comforting time over the next few weeks.

Till next week, stitch and smile, y’all. Stitch and smile.


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  1. Chloe

    SO exciting!!! As ever I am thrilled to be a part of this Project, this gargantuan task of goodness and goodwill: you inspire me in every way, dearest Jeanne! Much love to you and to everyone who is helping to make the world a more inclusive and kind place; a world where our children’s children may live free from persecution and prejudice. You give me reason to hope. XX

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