this is what i meant to do today:


after dropping j3 off at the airport last night.

instead, i did this:


and this:


because sometimes it’s just easier to bring order to the chaos of physical space

than to bring order to the chaos of emotional space.




p.s. i have the best husband: he sifted through the 2532 screwdrivers that had found their way into my space; he decided which ones i might really need/use one day; then he adopted the rest. but most especially, i thank him for leaving my 3 hammers alone.


  1. Cristina

    Oh Wholly Jeanne, I love you so! I understand all about bringing order to chaos. I had the cleanest, most sanitized house on the planet when my husband had all his surgeries. It just feels so good to be able to control something in the universe, doesn’t it? Especially when we feel so itty bitty and out of control. I’m hugging you tight!

  2. Mrsmediocrity

    Yes, I always clean when I am upset…something about it that is calming and therapeutic. Sending more hugs, I’m sure it’s time. You will be in my thoughts. Love ya, Thel

  3. Bluedog04

    Wow, Karma cleaning points. Still, the cat looks incredibly zen. How mellow he must be to fall asleep in a flower pot. 🙂
    Teach me, please!

  4. Eliz Amaya-Fernandez

    I am kind of envious that all of you clean. I, on the other hand, freeze and stare at my mess until it gets so overwhelming that I do not know where to begin. Sometimes I cut fruit & vegetables. Now I tickle the kids when I’m really scared because their laughs make everything better.

    My world is a better place because of you, whollyjeanne, thank you for sharing bits of your life with me. I am in awe, each and every day, in awe.

  5. Lollygagger

    “sometimes it’s just easier to bring order to the chaos of physical space than to bring order to the chaos of emotional space” Ain’t that the truth!!

  6. rebecca @ altared spaces

    Can I just say that I sooooo understand. Get it. Get it. I am a closet cleaner. And I don’t mean that I clean on the sly. In fact if you visit you may be unimpressed with the chaos of my home, but you will find silverward drawers ordered and junk drawers tidied, because I, like you, bathe myself in this sort of calm when I am undone.

    Glad to have a friend who understands.

  7. Emma

    LOVE THIS! And holy cow, ain’t that the truth – physical space is so much easier to organize than emotional space, and frequently more fun.
    Gorgeous skills, btw! 🙂

  8. Acoyotefeathers

    oh I am so much more skilled and confident in all matters related to organizing emotional chaos. The physical organization route is very boring to me. Plus it never lasts very long unless the order that’s been created is kept as a shrine or museum exhibit rather than an ongoing creative space that’s fully operational. was pleasantly surprised to see you on the list for Jude’s weaving class. Hope you’ll find it fun and share whatever you make.

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