tally for today


– waking up with headache

+ husband going to home supply store – alone

+ wearing skirt that capers & earrings that dangle

– talking to insurance agent who called to say mortgage company hasn’t paid insurance

= speaking with toni at the mortgage company

+ remembering customer service training i offered in a former life

+ delivering really good and much-needed customer service training with brevity and humor

+ remembering how much i enjoy speaking, training, storytelling

+ husband coming home with bojangle’s biscuits

+ lunching with a friend on the phone

+ singing favorite songs all the way to asheville

+ singing loudly

+ hatching 4 epiphanies

– forgetting 2 of them

+ seeing quilts at folk arts center

+ seeing woodturning exhibit at folk arts center

+ hearing the mournful sound coming from handmade flutes

+ getting a call from my mother (yes, really)

+ visiting a favorite store where i saw: a yellow typewriter, old cameras in various hues, the behind of a pink elephant, a bowl full of the tiniest dried pumpkins ever, a basket full of women taken around the turn of the century, an altar

+ treating myself to: a gift for a friend, a battered book with no cover but great inscription, a church vestament to wear for inspired writing, a small dress with sash, tucks, embroidery, and lots of stains

– not purchasing the photos of women to bring them home and give them stories

+ texting with a friend

+ hatching 6 good ideas

+ attending a talk by authors of Mystery of the Trees

+ having the store owner tell me the bathroom was behind “the mineral poster” but hearing it as where “the men are all past ‘er”

+ riding home through a dramatic thunderstorm

+ receiving an amazing package from a friend (top photo. did i lie about it being amazing?)

+ having my daughter post “i love you” on my facebook wall. (okay, that was yesterday but hey, i’m still glowing.)

+ having my son call on his way home from work just to chat and ask about my day and tell me he loves me

+ seeing the dog

– having no internet

+ eating 2 bites of the annual chocolate easter bunny

+ hearing husband tell me he enjoyed the talk i dragged him to

any way you add it up, it comes out to be a positive day. a day that made me feel alive.

i should have days like this more often.

More about 365 Altars


maybe you want to visit the women’s history month series my friend angela is hosting.
there’s a whole lotta’ women letting their colors seep out over there, and it is quite beautiful.


  1. Mrsmediocrity

    you really pack a day into a day! but then again, i always knew that you could.

    • whollyjeanne

      it was quite the day that was, i tell you what. but on the whole, the +s won out, and that’s the main thing.

  2. Angela

    I love the altar for today, and would love to know more about it, please. And, if you are granting wishes, may I have a biscuit? Gorgeous package, gorgeous list.

    • whollyjeanne

      thank you, sugar. it was quite the day – from biscuit to trees, it was quite the day.

  3. noelrozny

    Now that’s a day! 🙂 I love your altar pic too. 

    • whollyjeanne

      Isn’t that altar something? I want to make me one. With notes instead of driftwood.

  4. ☆little light☆

    A full day..
    One that gets to be on the list..

    • whollyjeanne

      ah yes . . . definitely one for the list, sugar.

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