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word jewelry


today, instead of straining myself to make complete sentences, i’m going to just share a (blessedly) little word jewelry. little sparklies i’ve picked up here and there along the way. feel free to bauble amongst yourselves . . .

itinerant: nomadic, wayfaring, roaming. (un huh. yep.)

vug: small cavity in a rock. often lined with crystals of a different material. (the meaning sounds better than the word sounds, don’t you think?)

upsilamba: from Nabokov’s Invitation to a Beheading (which is something i’ve been thinking about doing a lot lately.) (beheading, i mean.) (with or without an invitation.) a fanciful word meaning “a bird or catapult with wondrous consequences.” (which is what we would be enjoying right about now were i not so self-disciplined.)

gnostical turpitude: also from Invitation to a Beheading. a vague crime that apparently has something to do with a disregard for matter. the only reason for invoking this decree is to force conformity. it is a crime committed by those who insist on being different, who refuse to assimilate. (yes, i have already paid my fine.) (okay: fines.)

antevasin: sanskrit word meaning one who lives at the border. (if you happen to go there and if you happen to spot my brain, tell it i said hey and maybe point in my direction, will ya?)

opsimath: one who begins learning later in life. (i’m still waiting to be an opsimath.) (or should i say, i’m still waiting to opsimath?)

tiferet: hebrew meaning beauty, a reconciliation of opposing forces. (check back tomorrow to see it used in a sentence or fourteen.) can represent the place where spiritual and physical realms meet. (it’ll be used in a different context tomorrow, i assure you.)

eu: good. (i tell you what: when we say ewwww around here, we do NOT mean good.)

koru: the unfurling as of a fern; new beginnings; good things. (here’s hoping we’ll see a post filled with a little more koru here tomorrow.)

thinking in cloth

it has been a tough week with many words exchanged. i’m feel i’m over my allotment, that it’s time to slow things down, drop out, take a breather, rest.

so i pick up needle and thread because, really, sometimes i just think better with cloth than with words. doesn’t mean i don’t initially imagine the cloth as voodoo doll and needle as stabbing device, mind you, but ultimately bringing together odd-shaped, different pieces of fabric helps me bring together stray thoughts and sometimes make sense of strange occurrences – one of the many things i know to be true, though i can’t explain the how or why. and so another project begins . . .


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