Putting things off is part of my process.

When I write, I transcribe the voices. When i stitch, I spend time deconstructing the image pinned to my imaginary design wall to see how it’s done and where to start. I’m not talking about that – that’s part of the process. But I’ll tell you the flat-out truth: I do procrastinate when it comes time to do something I don’t want to do.

Like, oh I don’t know, maybe CREATING BIAS STRIPS. I put that off as long as I could, but we have company coming for supper tonight, so I need to move forward and clear the table so we have a place to eat.

Don’t think I didn’t consider using tv trays, though.

For two nights I read about how to create bias binding. I did my (dreaded) calculations, but today when I took a deep breath and started, I never could get the square cut. It’s a spatial concept, you see, and I don’t do those well.

Just like I can’t do a lot of things in yoga on account of I have short arms.


I have only a finite amount of fabric (that was purchased in another state, mind you), so it really didn’t take me all that long to hit the Pffffft Point and just started cutting. Oh sure, I cut at a 45-degree angle and all that, but the instructions from Those Who Know About This Kind Of Thing say I should have little bitty points where I join 2 strips together.


Well, I didn’t. I had big points. Big, I tell you. If I covered the tip end of those points with a little bit of wadded up tin foil and sat the whole thing on top of the tv, I’d probably get much better reception. And you know what? I’m fine with that because while I may never make an A in bias, and while my bias points may be larger than your bias points (which may or may not be a metaphor.) (I’m from The South, so I’m used to being told that I have big biases.) (Mostly from folks who’ve never even driven through here.) (But we’ll talk about that later.), I still got the job done.


And I only have to do it two more times. (Hint: this is not a cause for celebration.)

I tell you one thing, thought: if I never have to deal with bias again, I’ll die happy . . . which may or may not be another metaphor.