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Thoughts about the finished cloth (that may technically be a quilt because it will have 3 layers, but I really can’t call it a quilt for some strange reason) swirl. I laid out some of the panels let night, and went to bed absolutely overwhelmed with how large – how huge – this finished cloth will be. Where will I work on it? I’ve never used a quilting frame – where do I get one? Will I need it? How do I use it? How do I get the look and feel I want without adding weight and turning it into something other than my vision simply to follow the rules of shows that might allow it in their special exhibits. Do I have enough handkerchiefs? How will I ever get this done and write a book and birth all the other things waiting in line? What was I thinking? These and about a gazillion other similar thoughts went to bed with me last night.

I did not sleep.

Sometime during the night I got an email from Judy Martin that calmed me down a little bit, her sage advice telling me to make the art then worry about shows, the link she sent for some fabric that looks like just the ticket. She knew exactly what I meant when in my email to her I described how I want the finished cloth to be delicate and responsive. What a relief: just make the art and the shows will come. Of course. Thank you, Judy.

I exhale, and then . . .

A crop of new thoughts rush in with the same unrelenting swirl: How did I get so far off track? What was I thinking bothering Judy with an email? Will I ever have a studio? Where will all this stuff go? Will we be able to sell this media room furniture? How can I live and create in this clutter? I need to clean the floors, but when? What do I need to do to get organized so I can enjoy Christmas and have a creatively productive 2013?

On and on it goes. I don’t know why, I just get like this sometimes.



She is my developmentally disabled sister-in-law, Nancy,
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