what i learned (some for the third or thirty-first time)yesterday:

~ it’s harder than i thought to let myself out at the curb.
~ my new walking shoes are not waterproof.
~ my new wicking socks work with rain water, too – not just with sweat.
~ a house on the hill will not flood . . . unless there’s a hole in the roof.
~ floods bring out the stupid in people – which leaves more room in the ark, but still.
~ milk is not needed to make pizza dough if you don’t get the box of bisquick into the car fast enough when raining.
~ going to the grocery store in the rain is only a skoch worse than going when the sun’s shining.
~ cars are not synonymous with boats. they just aren’t.
~ rainy days and mondays don’t get me down. wet, maybe, but not down.
~ my mother was right: i do not melt in the rain.

here’s hoping for enough sun today this week to give us one of these: