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it’s about time. really.

Doctor says she still thinks this second round of sinus infection, complete with ear infection, stems from that knock up side the head I got in Denver about a month ago. I don’t know, just hope this antibiotic works and works fast. Takes 1.5 hours each way to get to/from the doctor’s office now that we live on top of the mountain. Curvy, mountainous roads, you know. That’s almost half day just in travel time.


Spent the afternoon baking a cake and cooking The Birthday Boy Andy’s favorite foods for supper. The cake doesn’t look like much, but you know these that fall out of the pan in clumps taste the best.


All that left precious little time to hold a needle and thread, and as usual, I bump into things I hadn’t thought about. This time it’s wanting what is now the top side of the work-in-progress to be the backside of the finished piece. So I treated it like I take pound cakes out of the pan: put another piece of fabric on top, then basted the doilies down. Will turn it over, clip basting threads, stitch doilies in place, then add Nancy’s set 2 drawings on top. There’s got to be a less time-consuming way, but it hasn’t come to me yet, and I don’t have time to wait.

It’s times like this I wonder why I can’t be content to just sit and read books.


i’ve finished stitching Nancy’s 454 drawings in set 2, and now that we’re home for a while, i’ll be pulling them altogether in In Our Own Language, 2 this week.


i’ve been amassing a collection doilies for this one, and truth be known, i’ve never really liked doilies. i crocheted a lot of afghans – in fact, my husband’s grandmother and i had such similar tension, we could pick up each other’s crochet and never tell where one started and the other left off. it’s the funniest thing though, in that way funny way that doesn’t make you laugh: as i’ve quietly acquired these doilies over the past 5 months, i’ve come to really enjoy looking at them . . . and i suspect that i’ll miss going on doilie treasure hunts.


some seem downright happy and carefree.



some seem to represent individuals in community, something that can sometimes be tricky.


some make me think of fields freshly plowed and ready to plant.


and some seem like optical illusions and threaten to make my head hurt.



some leave me gobsmacked with their intricacies.



and some seem quite fragile . . . but you’d be surprised.
(i am leaving the stains and discolorations of age because it makes them real somehow.)


i see spiderwebs in some.


some make me think of mandalas, and i swear just looking at them calms me.


some beg me to ponder negative and positive use of space.


some are crocheted metaphors.

shoot, maybe all are crocheted metaphors. my father-in-law always said i read too much into everything.

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