okay, so it was last year not this year, and it was a bigass yellow truck and not a car, but it was still the best road trip i’ve had in a while: summer of 2008 when we moved my boy from california to colorado. it wins Most Fabulous Trip because we were moving my boy closer to me! okay, listen. i was out the day they taught geography, so let’s just go with colorado is closer to me than southern california and leave it at that.

hubbie and i drove the bigass yellow truck (i think it was a 148-footer, but i’m not a numbers girl, so don’t quote me on that) while kipp and his former girlfriend led in his car. it was a gorgeous trip – mountains of every hue and description. here’s the view from the passenger’s seat doing as we moved along at (roughly) the speed limit:

we start with the los angeles mountains (look familiar, emma?)


and move to a hint of green:


then a splash of red:



some stripes to keep things interesting:


some just plain fun:


and finally:


grandchild rode with us. i forget his its name. starts with a “z” i think.


or maybe it’s a her-it since she/it (don’t say that out loud) does like to shop and try on pinks:


here we have grandchild playing buddha:


and i’ll leave you (you’re welcome) with:


the stories are mine, but credit for the kindling goes to gwen bell and her best of 2009 blog challenge.

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