two women wearing coats standing on the beach

L to R: Tari Vickery and Jeanne Hewell-Chambers in Channel Islands, UK January 2018

Perhaps you know her in person or through social media. Tari Vickery is a friend to me, to many of you, and to The 70273 Project. She is a 70273 Project Ambassador, an administrator for The 70273 Project Campfire Group and for The 70273 Project Facebook page, and because she spent a semester in France through a study abroad program, her French is good enough that she frequently takes part in discussion in The 70273 Project French Group .

three people - two women and a man - stand in front of a white quilt covered with pairs of red X's

L to R: Jeanne Hewell-Chambers, The Engineer, and Tari Vickery at the International Quilt Festival in November 2017

Last year, Tari generously volunteered to be the Financial Manager for The 70273 Project, keeping track of all things related to money – including (but not limited to) receipts, expenditures, and donations. With her background as Founder of the Life Matters Financial Group, she is uniquely qualified to do this, and we are deeply grateful to her for sharing her time and expertise with The 70273 Project.

Tari’s birthday is coming up soon – October 17, to be exact – and she’s set up a fundraiser for The 70273 Project on her Facebook timeline. It’s her birthday, and we get the gifts! If you’re friends on Facebook, perhaps you’d like to make a donation and/or share her fundraiser so others can. You’ll be hearing more from Tari in the coming months.

Give a listen to my recent interview with Tari to find out why The 70273 Project matters to her. And hey, the beginning isn’t perfect. But so what, right?

Thank you, Tari, for all the goodness you spill into my world, our world, The 70273 Project world.

Other places to find Tari:
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Life Matters Financial Group on Facebook
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If all goes according to plan, I’ll make The 70273 Project Podcast official next week, and for us to be considered legitimate, I need to get several episodes up as quickly as possible. Would you be willing to chat with me? I’m setting up an app so you can schedule yourself, but until I do, email me, find me on Facebook, or leave a comment and let me know.