On Thursday, instead of heading to Savannah for QuiltCon 2017, The Engineer and I turned right and headed straight up the mountain where we would will eventually make our way through the flu. While I didn’t get to see our Quilt #1 hanging amid the other breathtaking, eye-popping  quilts that were juried into the QuiltCon exhibit, friends did post photos on Instagram.

Jen Broemel, a talented woman known as HighFivesAndSilverLines on Instagram, worked on her 70273 piece at a bee this weekend.

ScrappyTaffy found Quilt #1 “beautiful and moving.”

To read what our Roxanne Lasky had to say about our Quilt #1 and other quilts at QuiltCon, click right this way

Our Sharlene Jespersen was the fist to spot our quilt. She and her daughter, Sarah,  attended QuiltCon together.

See those two red X’s in this beautiful 2017 stitching project by our Philippa Doyle? Those represent the two groups she spoke to about The 70273 Project in New Zealand this week.

The 70273 Project also made an appearance on Lori East’s blog this week, when she writes about a haunting exhibit of photos she went to see.

And in a touching post, our Chloe Grice wrote of the blocks she’s gathered in France.

I wasn’t online very much as I was babysitting in Denver the first half of the week and in bed being sick the second half of the week, but these are the things I heard about. Do you know of other places where The 70273 Project made an appearance?


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