many white quilts covered with pairs of red X's hang inside a priory in Scotland.

photo by Rebecca Davison


If you’re in the vicinity of Scotland, find your way to Whithorn where there’s quite a festival happening this weekend that you won’t want to miss. (And if you can’t get there, tell your friends and family who can get there to go and send pictures, or as we say around here “Write when you get work.”) It’s called Creative Whithorn, and if you make your way to the Priory, you’ll be treated to this beautiful site, thanks to Rebecca Davison who took quilts from Rochester, U.K. especially for this exhibit and to  Rev. Alex Currie and his wife Kirsty for allowing The 70273 Project to be shown in the beautiful and picturesque Whithorn Priory.

a white quilt covered with pairs of red X's hangs on a church podium surrounded by two windows

Photo by Rebecca Davison

When a group of Whithorn women heard about The 70273 Project coming to the Priory, they got busy and made this quilt – the only quilt in the exhibit made in Scotland.

many white quilts covered with pairs of red X's hang from the balcony at the Priory in Whithorn, Scotland

photo by Rebecca Davison

Don’t they look amazing? Don’t you wish you were there to see them with your own two eyes? I know I do. And next year we will be!

I’ve already spoken with Rebecca and Fran (the amazing Organizer of Creative Whithorn), and we all agree that next year The 70273 Project will return for another exhibit . . . and in 2019 all the quilts on display will have been made in Scotland! Isn’t that exciting? We’re going to need a lot of help, so do let Fran or Rebecca or me know if you’re interested in making blocks, piecing and quilting, organizing your group (think church, senior centers, schools, etc.) to make a quilt. There will be a sign-up form at the Priory this weekend, and we welcome your helping hands. I couldn’t make it to Scotland this year on account of I’m waiting on another set of grand baby cheeks to plant my lips on, but just as soon as I have the dates for Creative Whithorn 2019, I start looking for tickets. I will be there next year for sure, and I hope you will be, too.

Back to this year’s festival . . . Should you need a little help finding the Priory, follow Rebecca’s photo map . . .

white building with blue shutters

photo by Rebecca Davison

Go under the pend on George Street

a road lined with buildings

Photo by Rebecca Davison

Follow the road up. You can just about see the bunting

buildings and bunting bearing two red X's

photo by Rebecca Davison

Watch for the bunting heralding The 70273 Project Exhibit!

stone buildings, grass on both sides of the road, stone walls alongside the paved driveway

photo by Rebecca Davison

a black wrought iron fence in front of a stone building has a 70273 Project banner hanging on it

photo by Rebecca Davison

Head through the main door of the Priory where you’ll find the 70273 Project.

Last weekend, the Whithorn Trust announced that visitors from Switzerland, Chile, Spain, Germany, France, and all over the U.K. went to see the exhibit, and they are expecting even more visitors this weekend. If you can get there, go see the quilts and volunteer to help us have an all-Scotland exhibit next year. If you can’t get there, leave a comment or find us on the Facebook page or in the Facebook group or email me (see envelope icon in upper righthand corner of this page) and let us know how you will help us. Look forward to making my first trip to Scotland next year.

Another round of gratitude for Rebecca and her partner, Bob for having the idea and making it happen; for Lucy in Rochester who did more than just send the quilts; to Fran, the Creative Whithorn organizer who, though busy this week, is already thinking and planning for next year’s festival and exhibit of The 70273 Project Scotland quilts; and to Alex Currie and his wife, Kirsty for saying “yes” when asked if the exhibit could be held in the Priory; and to all the good folks who will make blocks this weekend and volunteer to get involved and help with The 70273 Project Special Exhibit in Scotland next year.  it takes a village, y’all.



AUGUST 11, 2018
10 A.M. TO 12 P.M.

Kim Mashburn and members of the Sarah Circle host their third block-making event for The 70273 Project on from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at the Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church in Peachtree City, Georgia at the Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church. Supplies will be provided, and here’s a list in case you can bring any of these items:
~ white fabric
~ red fabric, ribbons, rick-rack, buttons, thread
~ scissors (please mark with your name)
~ needles
~ ink pens

Thank you, Kim, for your indefatigable efforts to commemorate so many people.


AUGUST 17 AND 18, 2018
10 AM TO 4 PM

The 70273 Project is honored to be a Special Exhibit at the Truckee Meadows Quilt Show On August 17 and 18 at the Reno Trade Convention Center. Get there if you can. You’re welcome. Thank you to Cindy Cavallo for coordinating, receiving, and returning The 70273 Project quilts, and to the show organizers  for inviting us and giving us such a wonderful location.


Lots going on – isn’t it wonderful? People are stitching and piecing and quilting and exhibiting. Would you like to have The 70273 Project as a Special Exhibit at your event? Let’s talk.


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