people sewing around a table with quilts hanging in the background

I met Sara Henry, Director of Student Accessibility Services and Conference Organizer at the University of Maine,  at the AHEAD Conference held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in July 2018 when she stopped by The 70273 Project booth to make a block. When she invited me to be a presenter and host a 70273 Project Block Drive as part of the conference that’s a World Usability Day event, I was delighted and honored to respond with a hearty “Yes.”

The conference is from 9 am to 4 pm and offers an amazing variety of speakers and useable information. And there’s more: the conference is open to the public! Registration is quick, easy, and can be tended to here. Go here for a schedule, map, and other information.

I recently interviewed Sara Henry as part of growing The 70273 Project Podcast. Give a listen here or watch it on The 70273 Project You Tube Channel for the visual version. Note: Bear with me as I learn how to do this, and remember, we embrace imperfections.



We’ve fallen in love with Maine
as we make our way to Orono and the University of Maine campus.

white wooden house with chimney

blue house with white grim and two chimneys

the houses that seem capable and confident, ready to shelter the people they love

buildings of various sizes in a small town where cars line the streets

the small towns that whisk me back in time to my Fayetteville, GA childhood

gray skies over boats on the water

the boats

metal supports on a bridge with gray sky in the background

the Penobscot Bridge (Oh how The Engineer loves bridges!)

a happy man enjoying fresh lobster and corn on the cob and clam chowder

and lobster

a windshield wiper obscures part of the Acadia National Park sign

Acadia National Park

leaves of orange and red and yellow appear in front of the ocean clouded in fog and surrounded by trees and hills

its water

a man and a woman stand in front of a tree in Acadia National Forest

trees on the edge of the ocean

and its trees
all quite beautiful despite the rain and fog it dressed in today.

We’ve lingered in two bookstores, and I declare, y’all, they have revived me. The scenery and the bookstores – oh my goodness – the stories are popping up everywhere.

Oh, and when The Engineer spied the sign for the quilt store, we stopped
and left some cards for The 70273 Project
and shopped – you know I shopped a little.

Come to the conference if you can. And be sure to get up in my face and say Hey.