pop quiz


what’s the first thing you consciously see? don’t move, except to turn your head. don’t move to another spot. just stay where you are and tell me what you see.

bonus points: turn it into an altar.

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  1. ☆little light☆

    as it rises from my tea cup…

    • whollyjeanne

      you just got moved to the front row, to the teacher’s pet chair.

  2. d smith kaich jones

    pale teal pencils. unsharpened. very revealing.  

    • whollyjeanne

      i exhale . . . smile . . . and move you right up beside our illuminary (@1little_light on twitter.).

  3. Tracy Mangold

    Fall leaves dripping from the top of my oak cupboards. It is Autumn year-round in my kitchen.

    • whollyjeanne

      aaahhhhhh. i do love autumn, don’t you? around here, a lot of people run from it, but me, i love it – it portends possibility very nearly as much as spring. so beautiful, this.

  4. Meredith

    For the picture you’ve shared: the little shiny baubles of the chandelier. Shining brightly with multi-facets, dangling gracefully from the ceiling.

    Turning my head to the right: the fireplace mantle, with candles, unmated socks, and some random junk that needs to find homes and unclutter my favorite altar. (Being brave and admitting that I’ve got clutter and socks awaiting their mates up there makes me a teensy bit nervous. 😉 )

    • whollyjeanne

      love that your mantle is your favorite altar and that you’re embracing it all – maybe some of it (oh, like the candles, for example) more than other parts.

  5. Tracey Selingo

    I tried to upload a quick snapshot, but I don’t know where it went.. So much for technology.

    When I first read your post, I thought “Oh dear god I’m looking at my monitor. Please don’t tell me that’s an altar!”

    But then I read it again and turned my head. Whew. My eyes landed on a collection of photos I have at my desk-one of me with my boys, one with my husband, and one of the dearly-departed dog- along with a wooden statue of a mother holding a child and my hot pink bowl of sharpies. A fine altar full of people and things I love. I never thought of it as an altar until this pop quiz. So I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    • whollyjeanne

      goosebump moment with a side of chuckle, sugar! and thank you for proving the point i am continuously (trying) to make to my husband and his family: there is a whole ‘nother rich, exciting, inviting world outside of literal. xo

  6. Anonymous

    Phone numbers. Business cards. Notes of to-dos.

    I definitely need an altar at work!! 🙂 Thank you. This is delicious.

    • whollyjeanne

      ah, yes. karen sharp (do you know her?) creates workplace altars. you can see one on the 365 Altars FB page. she may have some posted on her blog (trustyourself.biz). i love the idea of an altar at work. seems Right.

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